Kinivo BTH410 Stereo Bluetooth Headphone Review

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I live with a gamer, therefore I am now a gamer. Up until the past 6 years I never understood the value of being able to interact and hear other players.  As a new gamer I am learning the value of a good pair of headphones and a quality microphone, and having those in one system can be priceless to a gamer. In my learning of the value of headphones, I was given the opportunity to review the Kinivo BTH410 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones.

The Kinivo BTH410 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones came securely packaged and came with a black cushioned Headset, a USB Charging Cable, 3.5mm Audio Cable (used for wired play) and the User Manual. The headphones are also backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Kinivo BTH410


The headphones sat comfortably on my head and I did not feel any compression on my ears as I wore these. I found that they were really comfortable and the padding for the headphones kept my ears covered yet never sweaty. The headphones feature noise canceling (which I noticed right away) and if you are listening to music the headphones pause on receiving a call.

The initial charging was quick and took only a hour and half. The pairing was simple and easy for a non-technical person. Also, the headphones can be charged with any standard USB power supply including car chargers and USB computer ports. The Headphones have 8 hours talk/use time and a 200 hours standby time after fully charged.

Kinivo BTH410 Headphones

The headphones break down on each side which makes fold up for easy storage. Overtime I wonder if this will cause a snapping of one side due to the constant snapping them into place. One way to possibly avoid this issue is to keep them snapped open if you have the storage in your computer room.

Sound Quality and Pairing:

I had high expectations for the sound and I am happy to say that these headphones delivered. I listened to a couple bass heavy variations of music and overall was happy with the results. If you are a lover of bass heavy music there was a little distortion once I reached about 80 percent full volume, otherwise there was little to no noise distortion.

The range seemed to be about 30 feet with a line of sight, when I deviated from that is when I began to get breaks in sound this puts it on par with other Bluetooth headsets as far as range is concerned.

The Bluetooth pairing was really simple and once the device was found it was less then a minute until I was able to use the headphones on both my computer and my Samsung Galaxy phone. The headphones are also compatible with VOIP technology and Skype. These headphones are able to remember up to 5 devices and connects to the last device that they were connected to.

The  microphone on the headphones was clear and the person on the other side reported that I sounded better using these then I do using the built in speakerphone in my phone.

There are only a couple buttons on the headphones themselves which include volume +/-, as well as the power/pairing button. These are on the side of the headphones are not intrusive to use in the slightest way. When I was not using the headphones they sat very comfortably around my neck and after about 10 minutes I forgot they were even on my neck and honestly wondered where they were in the house.

Kinivo BTH410


These are compatible with just about every modern device that has Bluetooth technology and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a comfortable pair of headphones that are versatile for sports or computer gaming.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.