Revolutionary New Golf Game Improvement Plan Through the Aid of Technology!

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The game of golf is very popular the world, over, with many people participating in the game for fun, as well as its popularity as a professional (whether you are the pro golfer or you are the one who watches the pro golfers)! Whether the interest in the game started when you were a kid taking your shots at a mini-putt golf facility, or you were drawn to the smooth strokes of the pro golfers as you watched them on the big screen, as a game, golf has the ability to draw the interest of those of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures.

Enter Technology

We can all appreciate technology, right? Whether we are using technology to get the job done (yes, I mentioned that wonderful word, “job”) or we are using it for fun (like gaming), or we are using it for something we enjoy (as simple as hooking an iPod to a speaker system), the list can become extensive. One of these easiest ways to realize how much technology affects our lives is to try to imagine life without technology. Just imagine what you did the last time the power went out in your area. I tell you, I am about pulling my hair out after an hour of an outage. Fortunately, we have a few movies on the iPad, and we all huddle together and watch those movies until the iPad power runs out of juice.

Get the picture? Yes, we like/love our technology, no matter how we use it.

Now, picture this. For all of you who love a competitive game that involves the outdoors, like golf, picture the introduction of technology into the game. You are thinking, aren’t you? I can see those wheels turning, and you are starting to imagine what can be done with the combination of an outdoor game like golf (notwithstanding your WII games of golf and other non-outdoor versions) and the use of technology.

Enter the Company, The Golf Pad Team

There is a company out there, made up of golf enthusiasts, as well as technology enthusiasts, who have made the dream of the marriage of golf and technology a reality. More on that later, but this is a group of people who have done their research and made it a reality.

Get in on the action! There is a Kickstarter campaign for Golf Pad LINK going until around March 8, 2017. This is your opportunity to show your support for the game of golf and the innovation that technology brings to golfers everywhere at Golf Pad LINK – automatic golf game tracking DONE RIGHT.”

I love golf, but I am not an enthusiast (yet). However, I am a technologist, and I am pursuing my Ph.D. (in an unrelated field, to be transparent). There are two things that I can say before we start talking about this specific awesome technology, based on my own background.

First, as a technologist, this is so cool that yes, it could turn me into a golfing enthusiast who visits the greens (is that the right term?) weekly, myself! And, I’m not your fair weather technologist, I am seriously into technology (why do you think I love Dragon Blogger so much!).

The second part is that as a Ph.D. learner, we are forced (ok, that isn’t a nice word).. to put a lot of work into research. I have learned to actually love it. I know. That is strange. Nonetheless, from that standpoint, I can say that the Golf Pad Team has done it right! As we get deeper into this discussion, you can see for yourself where they have done their research and applied it in all the right ways.

Let’s Get Warmed Up When It Comes to Golfing Improvement

The Golf Pad Team is not new to the world of technology innovation in the world of golfing. Simply take a look at the YouTube video, below, called “Tracking shots with Golf Pad GPS.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it? The idea of using GPS to know where your golf ball is, where it has been, and through the use of technology, where it is likely to go is a really cool concept, and it makes a lot of sense!

For more information on this technology, you’ll want to visit the Golf Pad Team and venture further, in understanding the Golf Pad Tags, or “smartening up your clubs,” as the team puts it.

The whole concept of the combination of the technology of GPS and Golf Tags that insert easily into the golf club(s), without damaging them, is already taking the golfing industry by storm. It is already an option to use to improve your golf game and become a better golfer faster! The technology was very well received in a previous Kickstarter campaign when The Golf Pad Team introduced it. The newer Kickstarter campaign, for the LINK technology, demonstrates that happy golfers are coming back for more!

The Next Generation in Golf Technology

So what is all the hoopla? Well, part of it is what has already been created (and available for you, in either the color black or the color blue). Those are the “Tags” that we mentioned.

The other part is what is coming your way.

With Golf Pad LINK, your golf strokes will result in statistics that are practically guaranteed to improve your game. The Golf TAGS (mentioned above) that are inserted into the end of your golf clubs are simply tapped against a sort of receiver (the LINK) that registers that you are using that club and getting ready for that stroke. You tap the chosen golf club at each golf hole to sort of register it and get ready for the reading.

It is compatible with the Android devices, and you do not have to have the device in your hand while you are golfing (with LINK, since it attaches to a belt, etc.)! All you need to do is tap that golf club and play the golf game. Then, as you review the incredibly thorough, detailed results, you can see where you need to improve your game.

Ok, at first, I was thinking that the LINK was only compatible with Android and I had a response ready for you. Here it is… Another thing that is nice about the Android is how affordable it is! Yes, I digress a bit here, but seriously, even if you are a Mac/Apple user as I am (did you note the mention of the iPod, above?), you can probably still add that Android device to your stable of devices. I have. I think I might have about three Android devices in the household and they do live happily ever after, even with the Apple devices sitting right next to them.

But wait, I have good news for you fellow Apple users! LINK is iPhone compatible! That says a lot. So, even if you are not an Apple lover, you have to admit it is pretty cool that the Golf Pad Team has thought of everything, even us Apple lovers. It says something about them, their research, their thoroughness, and the overall caring attitude that they have about including the masses.

Now, the best way to see the LINK in action is to watch this YouTube, below, and the opportunity check out how easy it is to use this technology! Also, read all about the LINK on their site.

In Conclusion

If you are a golfer (or soon to be a golfer) and you are a technology enthusiast, these really cool “tools” were made for you! Impress your friends with the stats! Even if your friends are not there golfing with you, you technology lovers can post your stats on your site (or blog post) and brag about how wonderful you are doing. Add a YouTube video or two, and you have it!

And, for any of you who are not enthusiasts in either of these areas, you are not out of the game. In fact, this product is your opportunity to be in the game! I know I’m on my way to read more about it and guess when hubby and I will be doing this weekend!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.