3 Beginner Telescopes You Should Have If You Want to Explore the Universe

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Stargazing at night is a relaxing activity for most people, especially if you are able to locate some costelaciones and even planets. It is not necessarily necessary to be an astronomer to start locating objects in the universe, you will be surprised to know that most planets in our solar system can be seen with the naked eye, but as you know, a telescope is not only more fun, it allows you to see the planets in better detail, which will surely help you identify new constellations, planets, nebulae and much more.

Telescopes aren’t exactly cheap and you can find different options at different prices, so if you’ve never used a telescope, it’s probably confusing. Telescopes have many interesting features that end up driving up the price, but basically, the farther you can observe a telescope, the more expensive it will end up being. Obviously, there are other aspects to consider, but that’s an easy way to understand the high prices of some telescopes. You will not pretend to see nebulae with a telescope for children, to be able to observe a nebula you need a medium-high range telescope.

So, if you have never used a telescope, then read on to discover 3 amazing telescopes that are sure to be of great help to get started. These 3 telescopes are low-end, medium-range, and medium-high so you can choose the one you think is for you. Discover these telescopes below.

  • Celestron 70mm

Celestron is one of the most popular brands of telescopes and this model is a great option for children and beginners who are just looking to observe the moon and the natural landscape. This telescope is equipped with a 70mm objective lens that will be enough to get a clear image of the moon, which will allow you to be able to photograph the craters of the moon in a fairly easy and fast way. Although this telescope costs approximately $100, you will be surprised to know that it is capable of capturing Saturn rings (with a lot of effort and with little detail), which is surprising if you consider that it is quite cheap. I obviously wouldn’t recommend this for seeing beyond the moon or the earth’s landscape, it’s great for a child, but a bit limited if you want to see the planets in better detail. This telescope also includes a 10mm and 20mm lens, as well as free access to astronomy software, which allows you to learn to locate many objects in the universe.

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  • Orion 8944 SkyQuest XT6

We enter the mid-range and the Orion telescope cannot miss this list. The Orion 8944 SkyQuest XT6 is a great telescope for beginners looking to observe the planets of the solar system in a much more detailed way. Unlike the previous telescope, this one allows you not only to see the moon in great detail and observe the rings of Saturn very easily but also to be able to observe other planets such as Jupiter and its moons. This telescope is equipped with a 150mm objective lens, which allows more light to be captured, which means that the planets will be seen in better detail compared to a cheap telescope. Despite having a better quality design, it is designed so that you can learn how to use it in a short time.

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  • Celestron NexStar 5SE

For many the  Celestron NexStar 5SE could enter the high-end category, but, this is an incredible telescope that any beginner would like to have. Unlike the other telescopes, the Celestron NexStar 5SE is a computerized telescope, you probably wonder, what is that? Well, if you’ve never heard that term, then it’s important to know. A computerized telescope is nothing more than a telescope that is able to locate objects automatically, so you don’t need to waste time trying to locate planets manually, the computerized telescope does the boring job for you.

The Celestron NexStar 5SE has a database with 40,000+ objects, ensuring that none of the most popular objects in the universe can be missed. Despite having an unusual design unlike other telescopes, assembling it will only take a couple of minutes. This is an amazing telescope that will allow you to see very distant objects, such as nebulae and even galaxies with amazing image quality. Don’t worry about quality, the Celestron NexStar 5SE is designed to last for years, so you won’t have to upgrade your telescope for at least 5-10 years (with good maintenance it might last for decades).

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

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