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3 Drone Models Under $100

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Finding a budget drone can be pretty easy for those that are looking for some options and want to get their hands on what can be a very fun hobby. I’m going to show off three drone models all each under $100 that you will enjoy and will be able to compare.


Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

The Holy Stone F181C is a Drone that comes in right around $65 and happens to be a quadcopter drone that has a built-in HD camera. This particular drone comes with a controller that might be easier for those that are gamers such as myself to control. This drone does have a camera that records in 720p which will give you some great views to record and also has a one touch return button meaning that all you have to do is press a single button and the drone will fly it’s way back to whoever has the controller making tracking your drone a lot easier. The drone is able to hover upon release of the throttle which gives you the ability to take some great shots with some very impressive views. The 6-Axis Gyro Technology allows you to do some rather cool flips with ease just by press down the right stick. The Holy Stone RC Quadcopter makes for a great budget drone that will get you right into the hobby of flying a drone.

Product Features:

  • Equipped with one key return & headless security system to assist beginners and help prevent losing the drone
  • Altitude hold function: powerful air pressure altitude hold function allows the drone to hover at it’s current height after releasing the throttle stick. Easy for you to shoot quality images or videos.
  • One key 360° 4-ways flip (left, right, forward, backward), Continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance
  • Come with two batteries (bonus battery) for longer flight time.
  • Range: About 50-100 meters. Battery flight time: about 7-9 minutes. Charging time: about 80 minutes. No FPV (first Person View).




Another great drone on the market for under $100 is the DROCON Bugs 3. The Bugs 3 is another great quadcopter drone that comes in right around $80 on Amazon. This drone provides around 15-20 mintues flights which is plenty of time to get yourself at the proper altitude to take some great high-quality photos. The Bugs 3 doesn’t come with a built-in camera however it does support 4K cameras that you can mount such as a GoPro. This drone features very high quality brushless motors which means that it can sustain flight even in windy conditions so you won’t have to worry about losing your drone or it flailing out of the sky. The DROCON Bugs 3 will provide you with extremely stable flights as well as a great way to capture some very amazing quality shots from your GoPro that will give you some great content for your friends or even some amazing video for your YouTube channel without going to deep into your wallet.


Product Features:

  • NEW BRUSHLESS MOTORS – Insist on brushless metal motors! Here’s why: they don’t overheat and melt like plastic, so you get longer flights (15-20 minutes). They don’t fray and spark like brush motors, so they’re far safer.
  • 15 – 20 MINUTE FLIGHTS – Thanks to highly efficient brushless motors, Blue Bugs 3 lasts for 15 minutes at mid-to-high throttle, and up to 20 minutes with conservative use. Bugs flies stable and smooth for beginners.
  • CONTROL FROM 300 – 500 METERS AWAY – Even when your Blue Bugs 3 is a tiny speck in the distance, you retain 100% control. Capture incredible shots of breathtaking vistas. Fly to 1,000 feet and beyond in seconds.
  • FLY AGAINST HIGH SPEED WIND:Bugs 3 is made of durable Nylon fiber material, It will be powerful enough to enable you to fly a drone whenever you want it,even against high speed wind.
  • 3D ROLLS & FLIP:This drone will amaze you by performing a cool 3D flip at the press of button.Have fun with your Blue bugs 3,we provide 30 days money back grantee and life time technical support.




Last but certainly not least is the Santock X105W WiFi FPV. This drone comes in at around $65 and is provides you with a flying time of up to 17 minutes. This drone does come with a built-in camera that also features real-time first-person view transmission which I believe makes for some really great snapshots as well as video. Sanrock states that this drone is perfect for beginners and does have a great value for a budget drone without having to spend any extra money on needing a camera to mount to it. The camera records in HD at 720p and also have an anti-shake table to you won’t have to worry about too much shaking in your videos. The WiFi on the drone allows you to view real-time footage of the camera on your phone so  you can even go live from it on social media sites like Facebook or even Periscope to give your friends and family some truly incredible views.

Product Features:

  • Long Flying Time: Flying time up to 17 minutes ,Capacity of 1500mAh high performance battery and reaching up to 100m control distance giving you a more extensive flight experience.
  • Optimized 720P camera with anti-shake table: 45° adjustable angle, with gimbal dial function, video recordings is smooth and stable. Enjoy the flying and stably record wonderful moments from the air with awesome perspective.
  • Multiple Flight Modes: Headless Mode, Altitude Hold and One Key Take off and Landing, emergency stop, high-middle-low speed switch for easier operation, perfect for beginners. Gravity sensor mode, 360°flips & rolls also will give you surprising flight experience.
  • APP Control: Operate the drone through an APP in a smart phone to activate multiple functions. Operate the camera function and flight in the APP interface.
  • FPV real time transmission: With the built-in Wi-Fi module, you’ll get a live video of your camera on your phone, making it easy and convenient to share to your friends directly.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

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