Why You Need a Boroscope In Your Home

I own a boroscope in my house and it has paid for itself already because one of the problems that people often have with plumbing is items can fall down drains.  Particularly when my wife loses a ring or an earring falls off while she is standing in the Bathroom over the sink and it falls down the sink drain.  A boroscope, especially one that comes with an attachment like a hook can help you retrieve and recover dropped items in the sink without having to either take apart the sink itself which can cause a mess, or having to call in a plumber and pay for someone to retrieve dropped items.

A good boroscope will have an LED light at the tip and have attachment options, plus pair with any mobile phone app so that you can use your phone to see in real time what the boroscope is seeing while you are snaking it down a drain.  You will want one long enough and flexible enough you can adjust it around the U bends in a drain as well.

This DEPSTECH boroscope for example sports a very clear and detailed 2592×1944 resolution camera with high-efficient chip, and with a 8.5mm probe this endoscope is able to fit in very narrow drains and sinks to find what you are looking for. It has a 32.8ft long line can reach any deep and far place with it’s IP67 waterproof design lets the camera inspect under the water so even if sink is clogged you can thread it through the water and help find the source of the clog, as long as the water is clear enough the camera can see through it.  This one also has 6 LED lights so you can adjust brightness level and is overall one of the best spec’d inspection camera’s you can find for the price.

Another benefit besides snaking and finding lost items or clogs in a drain, the boroscope can be used to help with wiring in your walls or attic as well, since it can reach small area’s and help identify and find something in between your drywall as well.

For entertainment purposes you can use a boroscope to even get down to the level of flowers, insects and more and take video and pictures from the perspective of being right on the ground, or snake it down a hole and see what is in there. Boroscopes are cool and make for a good accessory time to have in your home.

Now, if you can’t retrieve what you are looking for or find the source of a clog with a boroscope you can always fall back to hiring a local service, like plumbing Melbourne services for example but at least you tried.

Now, have you lost something down a drain and had to recover it?  What did you use to recover (wire hanger, call in a service) or what other cool ideas and uses can you come up with for a boroscope in your household?

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