4 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates using Videos

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Videos are becoming more useful in marketing campaigns. They are also responsible for the massive traffic many online businesses get from the internet daily. And the reason for this is simple: our brains process information from visual contents faster than texts. Visitors also spend less time and energy watching videos. We live in a time where everyone does things in haste and often claims about the lack. You will even find students using the do my assignment phrase often because they understand the value of the limited time they claim to have. So, understand that not everyone will be patient enough to read your large block of texts. That’s why you should promote the use of videos on your website. However, here are four incredible ways videos can increase conversion rate.

1. Create a brief but informative video

Videos have the power to boost your conversion rate, no doubt. But the quality of the video is what’s most important. For instance, you can’t develop a lengthy video and expect every single visitor to watch. Even if the views increase at the beginning, there is every tendency that it would reduce later on. By the way, when was the last time you spent 10 minutes watching a video? Did you watch from beginning to the end? Ask yourself these questions. Let’s say you didn’t as a result of the amount of data and time it would consume.

It is best to use a visual content that is brief but persuasive. Customers should be able to grab the message in the video within the first few seconds of engagement. Start with a tone that will make visitors more interested in spending their data and time to watch your video. Go straight to the point and let the customer know what the video is all about starting from the beginning.

A lengthy video won’t impact your website ranking as texts do. Even with contents, quality is more important than quantity. Your video should attract visitors, educate and persuade visitors to take action. If you get everything right, product sales and leads will increase impressively.

According to a report from Wyzowl, 50 percent of consumers believe that the perfect length an explainer video should have is one minute. And according to research by Wistia, a 2 minutes long video can hold the attention of viewers but would drop off gradually. With this understanding, you should always consider the length of your videos before posting.


• A one-minute-long video is conducive

• Start the video with relevant information at the beginning.

• Ensure video quality is outstanding

• Make sure the video you choose is friendly to your entire audience, no matter the device they have or religious background. Videos should also be mobile-friendly.

2. Make your video entertaining


No matter the concept of your video, try to make it entertaining. It doesn’t have to be funny all through. Just make sure you don’t produce a boring video that won’t impress viewers or cause them to re-watch. However, creativity is essential when developing videos. Even if you plan to tell stories in your one minute video, try it make it engaging and as inspiring as people. It should make your viewers put their thinking faculty to work. That way, you might boost conversion and end up with more loyal customers.

The human brain is wired for storytelling, which explains why the use of video is a successful marketing strategy. But then, stories are always exciting even if they are not funny. So, have in mind that an entertaining and well-developed visual content can expand your audience as well as the number of buyers.

3. Build trust fast

In as much as your product is the best of quality, people still need to trust you before they can splash the cash. Online businesses come under such scrutiny the most. The reason is that, unlike buying from a physical store, consumers don’t get the chance to test the product before making a purchase online. They instead rely on other people’s recommendation to build trust and develop more interest in the product. But a visual content such as video can make the difference in your marketing campaign.

However, trust is essential in today’s highly competitive business environment. If you can earn it, then you can increase your conversion rate. That’s where videos come into play. With the right video, you can help consumers to have fate in your product. Of course, people tend to believe what see or hear more, than some block of text on a webpage standing alone. So, even if you have a persuasive copy on your landing page, you can put a face to your business and help leads to trust you by incorporating a video.

4. Send video email message

Salespeople often spend half of their day chasing leads. Most of them spend several hours on the phone trying to communicate with their customers. But have in mind that calling your customers at an ungodly hour or when they are in a bad mood, in most cases, can jeopardize your relationship.

However, one of the easiest and cost-effective ways you can boost conversion is to send video email messages to your targeted audience. It will not only help to get the message across but give your customers more time to watch your videos at their convenience. You should also endeavor to make your videos brief and engaging so that viewers will have an interest in them. And highlight the challenges the product is meant to solve in your video like a trig problem solver.


Text and images can boost conversion but, videos can produce a better result. But then, you have to create the right visual content and use adequately to achieve positive results. You can use videos in many ways to boost conversion. It all depends on the strategy that works best for your business and product. You can also try out different approaches to identify the various ways you can achieve more significant results use videos to boost conversion and increase your audience.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.