Top 5 Rated Movies in 2018

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There are many movies available to watch and even many new are coming every year. It is required to have a watch over the latest films coming to have a chance to watch movies online. Each of the movies is having certain unique quality due to which they are popular among the large number of individuals. One needs to look at the various reviews, story, representation of the movie before selecting any of them.

Each of the movies is having their own unique importance for different people. It is required to have a look at your likings and select the movie based on that. This will help you in doing the right selection of the movie of your choice. One should also go through the reviews which a movie has received to identify the popularity which that movie has gained among the people.

Few of the top-rated movies of 2018 which you should not miss

We have discussed here a few of the movies which are popular in 2018 and are known for the unique story which they are representing. Each of them is rated at the top due to the unique specialty which they are representing in their movie. Those topics are tried to be discussed here to make you aware of the same and help you to select the right movie of your choice.

You Were Never Really Here

This movie is having the story like the Hitman movie which is having a Scottish director. Crime story which is depicted in the movie is adapted from the novella by Bored To Death writer. The story which is depicted is regarding the ex-soldier who is named Joe. You will find a great thrilling experience of watching and exploring this movie. It will even be a fun time to be a part of the movie and watch it.

The Rider

The story of this movie is about a person who is a horse wrangler in his real life. He is being depicted as an injured rodeo star who is trying to find the second act for himself. The story is balanced one with a representation of the poetic quality. This movie is giving the story of the old-fashioned sports movie and is about a gifted young athlete and is depicting about his story.

First Reformed

One can consider this movie having the story of a pastor who is suffering from the crisis of faith. Director of the movie is Paul Schrader who is depicting the story with a familiar territory. It is a story of a young troubled man who is giving an advice to the young environmental activist and is also being obsessed by the righteous cause which he is addressing. This movie will be depicting an amazing story which will make you realize the importance of the activist for the betterment of the humankind.

Sorry to Bother You

Director of this movie is Boots Riley. This movie is depicting the story of the Oakland hip-hop group who is representing provocative ideas about politics, labour, inequality and many more. All these ideas are representing the way in which all these ideas are represented in an effective manner in the movie. It will help in cheering other individuals and making them encouraged for the dance thing. The story which is giving a unique representation of the way in which dance is being practiced.


The director of the movie is named Alex Garland. The story of this movie is from the science-fiction novel which is proving to be the fertile ground for the filmmaker. In this movie, a team of women is venturing into a territory which is proving to be a unique series giving the creative appearance and some of the phenomenon which is quite unexplainable. This movie is capable of unnerving and is further stunning over an equal measure.


Thus, we can say that there are great movies which have released during the recent time of 2018. It is depicting a unique story-line which can attract the attention of numerous people worldwide. One should definitely have a watch of these movies to have the most creative and stunning experience for themselves. Even it will help you to have the most favorite pastime.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.