4k Screens Coming To Smartphones in 2016?

We’re almost half way through 2015 and lately we’ve been getting little hints here and there that smartphones will soon be boasting 4K touch screens, the Note 5 for instance. Samsung hinted at the massive resolution a bunch of times earlier this year which leads to a possible announcement later in 2015. However, Sharp has announced a whopping 5.5-inch 4K IGZO display. The PPI (pixels per inch) of this screen is an incredible 806ppi.

Hopefully this isn’t as much of a battery hungry screen as it seems at fist sight. Even with a 5.5″ screen the body of the smartphone can only fit that much battery without making the phone seem too bulky. However, it is possible that consumers might use externally batteries sold by 3rd parties, like this one.


Another possible for this use type of UHD screen is in virtual headsets like the Oculus. Since those are in need of really high density screens and they don’t have to worry about power either (as long as they’re plugged in). What uses do you see for this UHD screen? Personally unless they’re providing a pocket sized nuclear reactor, this is overkill.

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