5 Amazing Things You Can Do with the Apple Watch

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The new Apple Watch is one of the coolest smart gadgets you can purchase this year, but once you have one it can take a long time to figure out just all of the things you can use your smart watch for. Even though there are some of the obvious features such as tracking steps, heartbeat, reading SMS messages and emails, some things are hidden which most users either didn’t know about or haven’t discovered yet.

This article won’t focus on the fact your Apple Watch can tell you the weather, answer calls, respond to messages, but five other things you can do with your Apple watch that you may have not yet considered.  You can also visit this site to know more about some really unique wood watch bands for the Apple watch too after you finish this article.  Here are 5 amazing things that the Apple watch can do:

  1. Control Your Home Theater

Watches are not supposed to work as TV remote controls but Apple watch can do that as well. You can use the Apple Remote App to have your Apple watch act as your home theater device, swipe around the application to set menus, start, stop and pause the movies. This is something that most of the users are not aware about. However, it is necessary to download the relevant application before using it and it isn’t just limited to Apple TV either, but do check to see which devices have compatibility.

  1. Measure Fitness and Health

Most smart watches can track steps and how much you are moving and still others can even track your sleep and heartbeat so that you can tell how much time is spent in deep sleep compared to light sleeping.  The Apple Watch however dives far deeper into being a medical device accessory and can check blood pressure, and is FDA clearance to act as an electrocardiogram to measure heart rhythm which can alert you to irregular heart beats.  Around the corner is being able to help with Glucose monitoring and with Apple recently bring more and more doctors on-board you can bet the Apple Watch as a medical assistant device will be a cut above any other smartwatch.

  1. Control Your Smart Home

Most people have at least one Smart Home device, though a few may have taken it to the next level and have an entire Smart Home which is one of the latest technologies we have come across and the Apple watch has complimented it. Using the Apple Watch and with native apps or through IFTTT you can control the smart lights, smart thermostat, smart switches and other smart appliances remotely using this product. There are plenty of home control applications on the Apple market which can be assist you here and you can even leverage it to have smart locks on your door and unlock/lock them with your Apple watch as well.

  1. Order Food

Don’t want to pull your phone out of your pocket, or just too lazy to walk in the other room? Ordering food from the Apple watch is perhaps the best thing you can do. There are many food applications in the market that can be used to order food. Just download them and order whatever you like to eat. With such handy products in the market, one can never go hungry again or even have to go pick up their phone.

  1. Unlock the Mac

Your Apple Watch can help you save a lot of typing. If the Mac you possess is made within last several years, this product can be utilized to unlock the screen without doing all the extra typing. All you need to do is tweak the settings a bit.  Your Apple Watch can act as your 2-factor device in this case and honestly one thing about Apple products is all of them pair well when used together.

In Summary

The Apple watch is one of the most famous Apple products in the market and though smart watches themselves are not as ubiquitous as Smart Phones. The Apple Watch is king of the smart watches and it is not only popular due to the number of features it contains but the enhanced functionality it offers. Apple continues to go above and beyond in making the device geared more as a medical assistant and the Apple Watch has already been known to have potentially saved peoples lives by detecting irregular heartbeats and other potential health issues in it’s current iteration.  It will only continue to get better.  Also, with IFTTT and apps there really is no limit to what you can think of to do with the Apple Watch, use it to control robotic kits that accept Wi-Fi or Bluetooth input are other potential ideas as well.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.