Top Notch Analytic Tools For The Instagram Accounts You Need To Know About

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If you check out the Instagram account on a monthly basis, then over 700 M people use it. Let’s just assume that each one of the user carries out around five actions on IG every month. It is a very conservative estimation. It will mean that IG users tend to produce around 35 billion data points, on every month to be might eventually inform you how important IG analytics tools actually are for the marketers and brands, who are otherwise interested in getting most out of platform.

IG users will send some powerful signals about the likes and certain dislikes, which can prove to be useful for the marketers, in case they are analyzed with IG based analytics platform. It is mandatory for you now to just pair the insights into the current social media trends with proper tools and the team can use the same information for optimizing content, monitoring the competitors and then measuring ROI. To start this procedure now, there are around major analytics platforms to check out. It is true mainly if you are serious about making utmost of the IG platform.

Start off with Owlmetrics:

If you are looking for an advanced help in term of IG analytics tool, then Owlmetrics can prove to be one help. It can work well in case of real instagram likes and you should check out that. The platform is designed to allow the social media marketers to actually track data points like follower engagement, follower growth and even the hash tag activity.

  • It can further be used to help team monitor some of the activities of your noted competitors and determine optimal time for sharing content. It helps in improving the engagement and grows some followers as well.
  • This tool can also be used for tracking some other metrics like language, gender, and more. It can further be used for monitoring performance across various location segments and demographics.

Head towards Socialbakers:

Another tool for you to consider has to be Socialbakers. It provides all the social media managers to help in customizing dashboard with the analytics, as related to content based performance and competitor strategy. It can also work on ROI and even IG ad performances.

  • It comes with a feature called “predictive intelligence,” which the firm claims to use for helping marketers offer followers with right content type all the time.
  • It can further help you to share more of right content at times when followers can mostly engage with it and even reducing number of posts for getting low engagement or for that low reach.

Keyhole for your use:

In case, you are actually interested in growing followers with a promising data driven strategy, Keyhole might be one major place for you to start. This platform works to help IG users understand the proper type of content with best engagement. It will talk about the right time when users might post the content for enjoying maximum exposure.

This tool also makes it rather easier for users to just monitor competitor performance and also featuring numbers of various unique visualizations. It can often help the users to compare the performance of the competitors to their own.

Iconosquare is another name you have heard about:

Are you interested in accessing some of the IG stories analytics? If so, then Iconosquare might be the name you have heard of. It provides data for all IG feature along with the analytics for regular form of IG platform.

  • Marketers get the chance to track competitors, hash tags and even content engagement with the said platform.
  • The best thing about this analytic tool is that it provides users with IG monitoring tools so that social media managers can always stay at top of post comments.
  • With the help of handy Chrome extension, they can further response to the comments. They get the opportunity to monitor analytics from within internet browser.

Another name is Branchwatch:

As per the study that has been featured in Convince & Convert, around 42% of people taking to social media for complaining about a brand will expect response from the same brand within a span of 60 minutes. Consumers will expect those brands to offer outstanding customer service through the field of social media. This tool, Branchwatch, will make the task easier for the social listening platforms.

  • With Branchwatch, the team gets the chance to monitor brand sentiment on the IG and other platforms through hash tag searches and keywords.
  • The platform will further alert you to cover some specified comments as made on social media. That service will make it a lot easier to respond quickly to positive or even the negative comments.

Dealing with

IG has recently updated the algorithm. It now helps in controlling the social feed of the platform. Various factors can now actually influence where the post is placed in feed depending on the content type, past engagement and even the relationship of the follower to any specified profile. Even after making those necessary changes, timing will always prove to be quite important. At that time, you need for helping the IG users for identifying the best times for sharing content. It is done by analyzing the previous post based performances.

Check out with Agorapulse:

For those people who are looking for cross platform based social media tool, Agorapulse might seem to fit the bill. It is a compelling option to provide small businesses, agencies and even bigger brands with the ability to monitor the performance of account and social media based chatter for so many accounts. It will work across multiple platforms and under one central place.

The tools are designed to help those people who are actually looking for immediate help in this regard. The more you learn about the tools, the better responses are waiting for you to grab. Just be sure to check out the options first and things will work out pretty much in the best ways for you.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.