5 Most Interesting and Funny Websites You Can Find On The Internet

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The internet seems to be an almost infinite place, so you can find thousands of very useful web pages with content on news, technology, sports, music, and other topics that are sure to be interesting for a large number of people. So, among the millions of websites that are on the internet, you can also find unhelpful pages, but that can end up being fun if you are usually bored at home.

 So, if you think boredom is too much for you, surely you would like to know these 5 web pages that will surely keep you entertained for a few minutes. Although most are not very useful, some can be interesting. Next, find out what those 5 web pages are.

  • Radio Garden

This is one of the most interesting pages you can find if you usually listen to the radio or if for the gun strange reason, it has always wanted to listen to the radio of other countries.  Radio Garden is a non-profit project of Dutch origin, which allows you to listen to almost any radio in the world in real time, so you can listen to the local radio station without using a traditional radio. All you need is a computer or cell phone with an internet connection. You can search for any country and find many radio stations available to listen to for free. Please note that some radio stations may not operate temporarily.

  • In2White

Have you ever wondered what is the photograph with the most pixels in the world? Probably not, but surely now you are curious to know what it is. In In2White you can find the photograph with the most megapixels, which was photographed with the help of Canon cameras and professional photographers. It took more than 35 hours of photography to achieve the incredible result. You can see in great detail Mont Blanc, located in India. I would say that this is an absurd page, but I think it is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

  • Humanbenchmark

How good is your memory? If you think your mind is very skillful you should surely visit this amazing website, which allows you to test your mind with different types of exercises. In Humanbenchmark you can try to memorize as many numbers, which helps significantly to improve your intellectual performance, most people can not remember more than 6 numbers, so you can try to do your best, you have 5 seconds to remember the number, do not worry if you fail, you will surely improve over time. You can also have fun in other activities that Humanbenchmark offers on the website.

  • security.org

Account thefts are becoming more common and in many cases, users are guilty. Some people use popular passwords on their main accounts, which can be dangerous, hackers can easily crack those passwords with cyber attacks.  Security.org is a website that lets you know how difficult it is to crack your password, so you can try it with your password, maybe it’s not as secure as you thought. Remember that a password must have letters, numbers, and special characters if you want to decrease the chance that a hacker can access your account.

  • My 90s TV

If you consider yourself someone old or just someone who wants to watch old TV shows, then this website is sure to be a lot of fun. My 90s TV allows you to watch lots of cartoons, movies, music, and just about any famous show in the 90s, so it’s certainly a great way to reminisce about old times. You can watch all the content for free on a virtual TV, so have fun with this amazing website.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.