5 Obscure Things To Do On The Internet

In keeping with our previous theme of showing you some unique thing to do around the Internet, here is another list of 5 things you can do on the Internet.

5. Interactive Solar System

This interactive website shows you a virtual book about the solar system. Its filled with moving images and interactive pages. Along with that, it has a lot of useful information. It defines and goes through every planet is plenty of detail.

4. Convert Pictures To ASCII

This does exactly what it seems like. Upload an image or paste in a URL and it’ll give you a copy/paste-able version of the image created in ASCII. Go ahead and paste the created art in the comments of different websites.



3. Test your color perception

This is a fun one. What you have to do is quite simple, just click on the colored square you think is different. The squares keep getting a bit less different and hence the game gets harder. I got 23 on my first go, I don’t know how that compares to the rest of the world.


2. 25 years of the Internet

Unfortunately the history has been summarized a bit too much. Still, this website shows you the major events that led to the current Internet. Even though it is missing quite a lot of major events which have helped shaped the Inter-network., its still fun to go though.


1. Interactive Periodic Table

Don’t fear! This is fun even if you never liked chemistry. The top of the page shows you a nice interactive table which shows difference things like Atomic masses and states. Scroll down a bit and you’ll be greeted with definitions and explanations. Its a lot to take in so I’ll leave you here. Half fun!



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