5 Tips for Buying the Best Electronic Drum Set

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If you are looking to kickoff your drumming career, consider buying your first electronic drum. Also called e-drums, this popular music instrument is a great way to quickly level up your drumming chops.


Its ability to produce almost any type or sound at the press of a button is unrivaled by the acoustic drum sets. This wide range of sounds available for practice can get you playing like a pro in no time. Learning to lay drums first on an electric drum feels like playing on a practice pad. For those that are not yet familiar, practice drum pads are designed for beginners. More information on the tool can be read here https://musiccritic.com/equipment/drums/best-drum-practice-pad

However, buying an e-drum set is like buying a computer; the best models and their features are always changing. It can be difficult to keep up with all the recent specs.

It’s best to rely on an online guide or retailer that lists all the best gear in one spot. The helpful resources at drumcenternh.com are a great place to start with. Otherwise, here are a few things to consider when buying your first electronic drum set.

#1. Durability of the Brand/Model

A hack to test for durability is to simply walk into any store that stocks a wide range of e-drums. As customers tend to misuse the drums when testing them, you should be able to easily spot the models that can handle wear and tear much better.

You can also speak to experienced drummers on staff and read online reviews to get a sense of which brands have a positive reputation for durability. You ideally want to get your money’s worth once you decide on a model to buy, not an e-drum set that’ll pack up once you subject it to some intense practice.

#2. Is it Easy to Set Up and Start Drumming?

Quite a number of new generation e-drum sets come with an online manual or mobile app that quickly gets you going with tutorials on every facet of your drum set. These tutorials are important if you want to improve your drumming skills drastically.

Always check that the manufacturer has a clear call-out for a guide or app that takes you through the initial set up and how to use your drum set effectively.

#3. Sound Quality

Sound quality is usually subjective, but you have to ensure that you get a drum set with the sound you love. It’s easy to think that just banging the drums is enough to checkout the sound, but that’s the easiest way to make a choice you’ll regret later.

Spend some time testing the various models on your checklist, and carefully listen to their sound production as you try different routines. Also listen for how natural the drums sound. To quickly get this right, play the first ten sound routines the manufacturer has pre-loaded on the drum. This should give you a good feel of the sonic character of the drum set.

#4. Size of the Drum Set

When getting a drum set, you need to check if it’ll fit in the space you have designated for it at home or in your practice area. Measure your space before you go shopping, and also ensure you consider space for the “drum throne” in your measurement. It can be quiet discomforting if you have to struggle for space after you have gotten the drum set.

Alternatively, if you need a drum set that is bigger than your space for specific reasons, you can look into creative ways of mounting the drums so that they use less space.

#5. Specifications vs your Requirements

Depending on your budget, the drum set might not come with everything you need to start playing it right out of the box. It is important that you are clear on what you need and what your budget allows you get. That way you can either plan to get other parts once you can afford them, or simply change your priorities and get what you can afford at the moment.

The downside of the former is you can’t start playing the drum once you get them. But again, it might be a small sacrifice to ensure you satisfy all the requirements you need to play.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.