5 Underused Tools that can Generate Endless Ideas for your Blog

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Every business website needs a good blog to attract visitors to the site: It is the first step to generating leads and converting them into customers.

Top benefits of blogging:

  • Improve your website’s organic presence
  • Increase your website traffic with inbound links
  • Enhance your brand’s authority

Companies such as U.S. Rigging Supply was able to double their organic traffic and position themselves as an authority figure in their industry using blogging. The main problem faced by businesses looking for good content is that it is becoming harder and harder to find new, interesting ideas for blogs. In this article, we look at 5 easy ways to generate interesting and exciting new content for your business blog.

1. Feedly

Feedly allows you to feed all the news from selected websites into an easy-to-follow feed. It works in the same way as Google Reader, allowing you to add your favorite websites to funnel all the news and content to one place.

By checking the feed daily you will have immediate access to all the latest news, information and blog posts without having to visit hundreds of individual websites. There is no limit to the numbers of sites you can add and there are various tools to help you organize them according to content by using tags, folders and so on.

Collating this information in one place saves time and gives you access to all the new posts, information and updates which you can use as inspiration for your posts.

2. Keywords Planners

Simply starting with a keyword you can utilize the keyword planner to find out what other terms are used by those searching around the same issue. In this way you can develop an understanding of what sort of things they are looking for, generate questions and answer these in your blog posts.

For example, if you Google ‘vegetarian diet’, you will probably find that people are looking for menu ideas, recipes and so on. You can then use all of these extra terms to generate ideas for original blog content with the bonus of SEO optimization.

3. Google Trends

Google Trends is the new name for Google Insights for Search. This service will help you look at how often a keyword is used to search. This leads the way to related keywords which can be used to get some new ideas for your content. It works similarly to the example shown above in keyword planners but also allows you to compare a few keywords and understand how much interest there has been in each of them so you can fine-tune your content.

4. Quora

Quora covers every topic under the sun and is where people go to post questions online. Many of these questions remain unanswered and these are just waiting to be turned into content for your blog. If you find you have already covered a topic of interest looking at search terms used on Quora can help you improve SEO optimization.

5. Your Visitors, Customers and Users (Google Analytics, Messages, Questions)

Your users, customers, clients and subscribers are a vital resource and, sadly, can be overlooked. Make sure you pay close attention to the type of questions and messages your prospects leave, often you can write a whole blog post as a reply to these and the can provide a lot of inspiration for new content ideas.

If you can look at where your customers and visitors are coming from, what other pages or websites they visit and what search terms they used to find your page you can formulate the content accordingly. Google Analytics Data is well-populated with this kind of essential information.


While businesses can sometimes struggle to produce new blog content, it is not that difficult when you know how. These were the strategies that have helped companies double their organic traffic. Writing interesting articles that people want to read and that they can easily find is an essential component in attracting your audience, growing your blog following and increasing your revenues.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.