6 Advantages Of Mobile Gaming

Man playing mobile game, Death Rally on a Apple iPad.
Man playing mobile game, Death Rally on a Apple iPad.


Mobile phones are progressively being engineered for hosting games that feature incredible graphics and complex gameplay, which is why the mobile gaming market has grown into a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry fast. From low costs, to a level of high accessibility, join us as we share the top six advantages of mobile gaming and explore why mobile games have increased in popularity.

1. Low Cost

The majority of mobile games on the app store are free, quick to download, and are great entertainment. The games that players do have to buy range from a few dollars to no more than $20, making them a fraction of the price of a console game. Not to mention, to even play a console game, one must first fork out hundreds of dollars on a console. As an example, a Xbox One S currently costs around $239 in the US. The low cost of mobile games, combined with the fact the gamer already owns a smartphone, means gamers are more likely to play, and purchase more games, and make in-app purchases.

We understand that the app store gaming library can be quite overwhelming, so check out the Independent’s 15 Best free iOS games and discover the best, free, games on the market.

2. Convenience

Mobile gaming gives players greater accessibility, you can literally play the games anytime and anywhere. Once a game is downloaded onto your smartphone, the majority of them no longer requires an internet connection as they runs through the phones internal drive. While gaming juggernauts such as Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita have portable devices, it’s still an extra device to remember and carry. Having games on your smartphone, in your pocket, is a more convenient and accessible option.

3. Creativity

Mobile games are relatively inexpensive, and that’s because they’re cheap to produce, Gamespace explains. Game developers are able to be more experimental with their concepts, create unique games and gaming experience which has led to an explosion of creativity and innovation. With every gaming company in competition for the number one game, graphics, sound, design, storylines, and the overall experience is constantly improving. For this reason Play4Fun games like Rivers Casino can bring the excitement of an authentic casino experience to your fingertips.

4. Community

Screenshot from minecraft realms
Screenshot from minecraft realms

At the core of mobile phones is their purpose to connect people to one another. This characteristic has trickled through mobile games where online leaderboards, team work, and battles take the term ‘multiplayer’ to a new level, not to mention the chat-functions that let gamers converse while they play. Whether it’s Minecraft or Modern Combat 5, player engagement prevails. Whilst having fun, players can make friends from all around the world in what is a global gaming community.

5. Health

Playing mobile games has been shown to provide certain health benefits including, reducing depression, stress and even raising dopamine levels (which is what makes you feel good when you’re playing and winning). Playing puzzle games can help train the brain and enhance wellbeing. Mobile gaming can also help you be more healthy and boost your fitness through gamification of your fitness routine. Trending ios fitness game Wokamon is an example of how gamification can make fitness fun and last longer, meaning you’ll get fitter faster.

6. AR Integration

Boy playing Pokémon Go outside
Boy playing Pokémon Go outside

Mobile games are increasingly bridging the gap between the digital and physical world, enabling players to fully explore the virtual worlds around them in a more active form of gameplay. Game developers such as Niantic are achieving higher forms of realism through augmented reality with games such as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The new AR game is due to launch mid 2018, and is expected to be Niantic’s next big hit after Pokemon GO. Keep your eyes peeled!

Do you think we’ve covered all of the advantages of mobile gaming? Let us know in the comments section below.

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