How Do You Capture Monsters in Monster Hunter World?

I have been playing Monster Hunter World on the PlayStation 4 since it released and one of the most frequently asked questions is how do you capture monsters in Monster Hunter World as well as what kinds of monsters can you capture in Monster Hunter World.  Well capturing has advantages over killing monsters as you can get more resources from capturing dragons in Monster Hunter World than from killing them and slicing them up for parts.

Most smaller endemic life forms you can capture with your capture net in Monster Hunter World but as you know it doesn’t capture larger monsters or Vespoids, Barnos and other more docile monsters like the Apceros.  There are only 2 ways to capture monsters in Monster Hunter World and they both involve traps and tranq ammunition.  Elder Dragons including the Kirin cannot be captured in Monster Hunter World so you can’t capture Nergigante or other elder dragons unfortunately in the game, they simply ignore your traps which don’t trigger.

The key to capturing a monster is to use the Shock Trap or Pitfall Trap, but the key is to only trap the monster when it is near death.  Only when it is weakened can you use tranq bombs or tranq ammo to capture the monster, you MUST trap the monster first in one of the traps.  I tend to like the Shock Trap because the monsters tend to stay stuck longer in the trap with Shock Traps than with Pitfall traps.  I also use Tranq bombs and it takes only 2 when you get the monster near death.

In the above video I am capturing Jyuratodus which requires you to lure it out of the water to some dry land where you can lay the trap. You know when a monster is ready to be trapped as it will start limping back to it’s nest or lair to rest, you can also see on the mini map a little flashing skull indicates the monster is near death if you have unlocked the scoutfly information to show such details.  The little blue heartbeat line next to the monsters picture over at the bottom left also occasionally flashes with an orange line indicating it is badly wounded.

In the above image you see the little skull that flashes and floats away from the monster location on the map, whenever you see this icon it means the monster is weak enough to capture.

Capturing Dodogama was fun as well originally I assumed it was weak to water ammo being that it appeared in the same area as Lavasioth but that wasn’t it’s prime weakness, still did the job though.  So far I have captured multiple of every dragon in the game and enjoy playing though I am still only Hunter Rank 14.

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