How Has Technology Changed Education

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It’s almost impossible now, to imagine a world in which the internet is non-existent. So many people rely on it in order to exchange information with friends and colleagues in a timely manner, and so many people rely on the Internet as a source of entertainment as they browse through videos and services in the blink of an eye to find that online show or podcast they enjoy. The exchanging of information and the seeking of entertainment is all well and good, but it must be mentioned that technology has changed the face of education forever. The thought of a blank classroom, with 20 students sitting writing on a pen and paper without any technological resource by their side is almost a fevered dream now, as education systems implement technology whenever and wherever they can to make teaching more efficient or allow students to learn more effectively.


Talk to your parents about when they were in School or University and they will regale you with tales of the dreaded blackboard. It’s a wonder anyone was able to focus in the classroom with all the creaking and squeaking a blackboard emits when in use. And with just the simple function of writing something down in chalk on it, it really doesn’t capture the imagination too much. Smartboards on the other hand are able to implement a myriad of different learning methods. Smartboards give teachers access to the internet, which can help to expand a classes learning capabilities massively, for instance a teacher can show a class sites that may help them in writing an essay such as Teachers are able to write legibly, they are able to type, draw diagrams and delete anything immediately if necessary.  Display photos, videos, and diagrams in real time without having to outlining in chalk makes for a much more effective presentation to students.

Technology aids Essay Writing

Essay writing 20 years ago was even more of a troublesome ordeal than it is now in a lot of ways, this was because students were completely out on their own. Of course they could turn to books and journals to research their chosen topic, but they weren’t able to get any help other than asking the people around them. Technology has completely changed the essay writing process, as it allows for an exchange of information in an easy, almost immediate manner. Students can search records, documents and journals on absolutely anything that they may be interested in, and the topic they have chosen will usually have quite a strong online presence to absorb information from. On top of this, the support that’s available through the internet is astounding, there are a huge amount of assignment writing services that enable students to alleviate themselves from the stress of essay writing. There is no doubt that technology has completely revolutionized how we go about writing essays, from receiving help and advice, to researching chosen topics, to even how we write the assignment as well!


iPads and tablets have enabled students to hold all the processing power and capabilities of a computer in their hand. When a class is lucky enough to have iPads, teachers will often task them to work in small groups or solo and search something independently, then come back and present to the class what they have found. This is an amazing example of when technology promotes a kind of independent learning, where the teacher can watch and curate a students own educational pathway, making sure that they stay on the right track but that they are able to improvise and find things out for themselves. Back before iPads, Smartboards and other technological advancements, teaching was an extremely didactic exchange. Students had little opportunity to improvise and learn things themselves unless they went to the library or were fortunate enough to own encyclopedia libraries at home. There is a catalog of educational applications that are available for download from the app stores on tablets that enable children to find and make learning entertaining and fun. This also enables parents of children to champion learning at home as well as school, as children often find the educational games engaging and they become engrossed in them.

Technology continues to revolutionize education as more and more advancements are discovered and put into classrooms around the world. Though it must not be forgot that the connection established between a student and a teacher is the most effective means of learning, these advancements can help aid that connection significantly. The children of today are given every opportunity to excel in subjects of their choice through utilizing technology to improve their own learning and becoming an independent thinking member of society. Next time you have the pleasure of being in a classroom, take a look around and imagine how different education would be without technology helping it along.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.