6 Movies with Asian Lead Actors

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Many upcoming actors and actresses look forward to the time they join Hollywood and become international stars. Unfortunately, getting into Hollywood isn’t that easy, which is why there aren’t numerous Asians on the screens. Thankfully, over time we have experienced a sharp increase of Asian actors in American movies. That is why Asian entertainment websites like https://haveyoudesign.com/ are taking the time to highlight new developments in the East. The haveyoudesign.com/ site reviews Asian movies, actors, and celebrities that are making international headlines. Here are some of the shows that featured Asians as the lead actors.

1. Better luck tomorrow

The crime-drama movie was released in 2002, and was directed by Justin Lin, the man behind Fast and Furious. The film is about Asian American achievers that get bored with their lives and decide to engage in petty crimes. The man character, Ben Manibag wasn’t pleased by the fact that everyone considered him the model of the Asian minority. He convinced his friend; Virgil Hu to become pretty criminals, which eventually lands them into trouble. The film introduced some great Asian actors like John Cho and Sung Kang. The plot is based on the murder of a teenager from California.

2. Crazy Rich Asians

The list can’t be complete with mentioning this amazing modern romantic bestseller. The main character is Rachel Ru, who in the plot is a Chinese living in New York. She is working as a professor. Rachel is set to travel to Singapore for the wedding of her boyfriend’s best friend. It turns out that Nick’s family is beyond wealthy and famous members of her society. Their journey to Singapore is filled with numerous revelations and obstacles that the couple must beat before finding happiness. The film was directed by Jon Chu and distributed by Warner Bros Pictures. If you love Asian films, this should be on your bucket list.

3. Saving Face

The romantic comedy film was directed by Alice Wu. It is centered on three women. The main character is Wihelmina Pang, a surgeon living in Manhattan with her mother. While Pang’s mother is eager to see her daughter finally settling down with a nice man, she has no idea that it may never happen. Pang is a lesbian and she is in love with her girlfriend, Vivian. Pang is struggling to maintain her relationship and her medical career isn’t making things any better for her. Amidst all that, drama arises when the mother learns that she is expecting a child. At 48 years and widowed, these aren’t the ideal news anyone would expect. It is a roller-coaster after that, and you will be left wondering how the story will end up.

4. The Farewell

The 2019 American comedy-drama stars some of the best Asian actors. The plot follows a Chinese-American family that is about to lose their grandmother and they want to make the most of her final days. When they learn of the woman’s illness, they decide not to break the news to her. Instead, the family plans for a family gathering to honor her life. The main character is Billi, who lives in America but has a close relationship with his paternal grandmother. Around the time of the diagnosis, Billi has recently received a rejection letter for a fellowship he had applied to.

5. Minding the Gap

The film is a documentary that was directed by Bing Liu. It features the regular lives of three men growing in Illinois. They are united by their love of skating. “Minding the gap” has received overwhelming acclamation for revealing the realities of manhood, race, and social class in America. Skateboarding is barely seen as the background of the film because the plot runs much deeper. Considering how well it sold globally, you would have to watch it for you to understand why it is among the best documentaries of all time.

6. In the Family

The film presents a common scenario that many people don’t know how to talk about. When the young man’s husband dies, he is left to figure out life and above all, maintain a relationship with his dead partner’s surviving family. He wants her son to interact with his father’s family, but the ride isn’t an easy one. The film is directed by Patrick Wang, who is also starring.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.