7 Faulty Stereotypes We Have about Bloggers   

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Do all bloggers exhibit certain traits? Is there something in common in their daily routines and communication with other people?


But most of the time, those “things in common” are nothing but stereotypes. We have them about all professions. For example, when we think about doctors, we gravitate towards the stereotypes imposed by the film industry. How many times have you assumed that romance was the main thing happening in a hospital? The reality is much different from what we see in those movies.

Bloggers are a great category to fall under stereotypes. They are these mystical persons that no one knows. It seems like they do nothing, but they still make money.

Let’s discuss the 7 most common stereotypes that people have about bloggers. This will be fun!

  1. They Live the Life of Their Dreams

Well… no one really lives the life of their dreams. What we see on Instagram and on people’s blogs is an edited version of life. No one is going to show you the bad stuff. Even “no make-up” photos are heavily edited. When they aren’t, they are just there to get attention. The blogger is using their fragility to get your clicks and comments.

You should never assume that what you see is “real,” no matter how convincing this person seems.

  1. Bloggers Can Do Whatever They Want with Their Time

Uhm, no.

Blogging takes a lot of time. To get attention from their audience, they should rank their blog on Google’s first page of results. Most of them are aware of the fact that Google’s algorithm prefers long-form posts. So they have to publish long, detailed, unique posts that grab and hold people’s attention.

That’s a lot of research, writing, and editing for a single post. It may take weeks. For Tim Urban (the blogger from Wait but Why), a project took years and we’re finally seeing the results.

In fact, some bloggers are so busy with their blogs that they consider them their full-time job. Sometimes they can’t publish work as scheduled, so they hire the best writing company. They also rely on essay writers for hire when they need guest posts, since they don’t have time for that stuff.

  1. They Aren’t That Good in Their Profession, So They Blog

“This guy is so bad at programming that he can’t get a job as a programmer so he blogs about the tech industry.”

This is a big misconception.

Yes; some bloggers aren’t qualified to teach what they are trying to teach. The audience sees right through them. Their posts are paraphrased from authoritative online sources.

But the best bloggers are highly knowledgeable. They do their research and they know their stuff. When you read their work, you realize that they are more than qualified to preach.

  1. They Are Brilliant at Writing

Some are.

But not all of them.

Some are good at taking travel and fashion photos, but can’t find the words to express themselves. This is their mindset: “I’ll hire a writer to complete my posts just as I grab my essay for college.” Writing is their weakness, but they find a way to overcome it.

  1. They Don’t Have a Real Job

“This girl is so occupied with her blog and Instagram page that she can’t have a real job. She’s online all the time, responding to people’s comments.”

Actually, no.

You’ll be surprised to know that many bloggers have full-time jobs and consider blogging their side-job. It’s a great way to earn passive income. It’s also a hobby that they enjoy.

  1. All of Them Love to Travel

Some do, and some don’t. When you’re able to monetize a blog, you can turn it into your job and do it from anywhere. But not everyone wants to do that. Some bloggers already experienced travelling and got bored. Others are taking care of their families, so they only travel once or twice per year. They are just normal people, like all of us.

Digital nomads are a real thing. But not all bloggers fall in that category.

  1. They Promote Products Even If They Hate Them

Only beginners and amateurs do this. If a successful blogger promotes a product that’s bad, they will get called out for that. Their followers will try the product and if it’s bad, the blogger’s reputation will be ruined.

Of course; even the most successful bloggers promote products and services. But they do it only if they believe in what they say.

Look at Abby Sharp from Abbey’s Kitchen. She’s a dietitian with successful blog and YouTube channel. She promotes products from time to time, but all of them are carefully selected. When a blogger is successful, they know that their recommendations hold responsibility.

Bloggers Are Normal People

When you start a sentence with “Bloggers are,” it’s going to be a stereotype. Even “Bloggers are normal people” is a stereotype, since not all of them want to be and not all of them are.

Each person has their own, unique story to tell. That’s what makes the blogging world so fun.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.