7 Skills You Must Have To Start a Career on IT Company

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The world of information technology (IT) is an ever-growing sector. There are numerous job opportunities in the IT field, and common ones include Project Management, Web Design, Software Development, Support Analysis, QA Analysis, and IT consultancy. All these fields require people with relevant skills to handle the duties.

The opportunities in IT are very lucrative and the jobs pay well. In fact, most IT experts are self-employed and they work on a freelance basis. In this case, they are able to earn more than those who are permanently employed. Effective IT skills are important in solving different computer related problems. The more skills an expert possesses the better placed he or she is in earning a good job and money.

If you want to learn more about how you can land a job in an IT company, here are 7 important skills that you should possess to land a career in IT.

  1. Performance Tuning in SQL Server

Today, many company website databases are handled behind the scene and most of them rely on SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL is a special programming language designed for querying data and editing. This is in relation to database management. Every programming job requires you to possess these skills and performance tuning in SQL server is a must. You should be able to do duties such as:

  • Monitor the use of indices.
  • Separate log and data files.
  • Separating database staging.
  • Correct data files that are shrunk.
  1. Microsoft Office Knowledge

You require important MS Office skills such as MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. All these skills are important in handling different IT duties as below:

  • MS Word – For data and desktop publishing.
  • Outlook- For handling emails.
  • PowerPoint- For Presentations.
  • Excel- For handling spreadsheets.

Of the four, Excel skills are the most used and you should consider doing online courses on Excel to improve the skill. This will help you handle IT functions such Pivot Tables, Spreadsheet formatting, and Fill Functions.

  1. Coding Skills

Coding is one of the basic language skills that the employer will expect you to have. It’s important that you are able to write codes. For example, if the job you are looking for has to do with programming duties, your employer will want you to write code in different languages. Most systems are built in more than one language and this means that you need to be skilled in writing in different languages. Coding requires more than writing in various languages. It calls for an understanding of IT systems, logical thinking, technological integration, and problem-solving. For starters, you should at least possess knowledge on C++.

  1. Networking Skills

In both small and big corporations, networking skills are important. The skills are an extension of effective communication skills. It involves the assembly of people into working groups and giving them the opportunity to share important information. Networking jobs require an expert who is free to share with the target group. The expert has to be open on what they know. They should also be curious and eager to learn what they don’t know. Networking is an important sales strategy and an important tool for many companies.

If you believe you haven’t networked with other people yet, participate in business conferences and seminars. Use this platform to socialize with other people and start conversations with other players in the industry. The friendships you cultivate in these events can become your ticket to land a stable job in the IT industry. 

  1. Time Management

Time management is a skill required in all fields. In IT is important to be able to manage time in respect to the duties assigned and demand of the job. For example, an IT expert needs to forecast how long a particular project will take. The expert is also expected to manage the team’s time. You have to remember that IT jobs are collective jobs and people work as a team.

Aside from being able to manage your time at work, time management is also important for you to attain a work-life balance. Regardless of how busy you are at work or how high your salary is, you should always have the time to bond with your family and friends and accomplish some of your personal responsibilities outside of work. It’ll be very challenging for you to succeed in the IT industry if your personal relationships are failing or if you no longer engage in activities that can relieve you from stress.

  1. Database Administration skills

The skills are important to handle activities such as:

  • Password creation and assigning
  • Analysis of database performance
  • Database auditing and data backup
  • Database software configuration
  1. Communication skills

Besides the technical skills, you also require soft skills in order to have good work relations. The skills include:

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Listening skills
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Presentation
  • Flexibility

Contrary to popular belief, you will not face the computer for eight hours every day when you work in the IT industry. For you to succeed in this industry, you actually have to learn how to communicate with other people. It’ll be very challenging for you to complete a project or introduce new technologies to a workforce if you have poor communication skills. Thus, you need to be comfortable standing in front of an audience and share your ideas clearly. 

Aside from knowing how to talk professionally to other people, communication skills also mean practicing active listening. This skill is one of the most important building blocks in collaborating with other people and teams in completing projects. When you know how to listen, and to what other people are saying to you, you can generate ideas from them and ensure that your project will be successful. 


The 7 skills are important to help you start a career in an IT company. They encompass technical and soft skills necessary to make it in the computer world. The more skills one possesses, the better-placed one is in landing an IT job. For this reason, you have to possess several skills to beat the job competition out there.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.