7 Tips for Using the GoPro Camera

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When using the action cameras for photography, there are some tips that a person can use to take a great picture and now taking a good shot is easier than ever. There are some tips and tricks that a person can use to take great photos with your GoPro, which I am sharing with you.

1. Composure

A great picture is usually crafted. It is better to take steps to make the picture come out great then to leave it up to chance. The horizon of the picture should be straight. This will keep the picture looking good. If the horizontal is crooked this will take away from the look of the finished photo. To get this perfect hold the camera out in front and line it up with the horizon. With the GoPro, it is important to get close to the object since there is a wide view that will make things around look smaller. Take a series of pictures each time getting closer to the object.

2. Use a Gimbal

Since the GoPro is so small and a gimbal can be used to get a clear shot. The gimbal will also help to steady the camera. With some added stability, the best GoPro gimbal can be used in a similar way to a tripod and will help take a good picture and steady shots.

3. Good Lighting

There are times of day when the light for the photos is going to be better than other times. If a person is looking for a cool and soft look they should go out and take the pictures before the sun rises. Directly after sunset is another time to achieve this look. To get warm and gold-toned lighting shoot during sunrise or sunset. The GoPro can handle bright sunlight too so it will still take balanced pictures on bright and sunny days.

4. Point of View

There is some point of view mounts that will allow a person to use time-lapse mode and they can take the pictures without having to press anything. There are plenty of times when a person wants to take a picture from their point of view even if they are in motion. This makes for some cool pictures.

5. Watch for the Drops

The GoPro can be placed in a waterproof unit which makes it okay to take pictures in moist conditions. There are some things that a person still needs to be aware of. Drops of water or even fog can mess up a picture. They can leave the picture looking blurry or distorted. The lens should be wiped off every so often when it is used in moist conditions. There are also anti-fog inserts that can be added to the waterproof case to keep the fog from messing up the pictures.

6. Fast Memory Card

If a person plans or recording or taking several shots in a row it is important to have a fast memory card to capture and to store all of these images. A fast memory card is also important for time-lapse shoots and it will help capture all of the footage that a person is trying to get. A slow memory card can lead to problems with the GoPro and it may not be able to capture all of the images. It is best to use a 128GB card. This is fast and has plenty of storage.

7. Bring Extra Batteries

The GoPro is powerful and quick. This will drain the life of the battery quickly. To ensure the GoPro will be able to capture every shot it is important to have some extra batteries along. Cold batteries will not hold as charge as well as the warm ones. On the colder days keep them in the pockets or somewhere else that is warm. A solar panel charger can be useful and it will use the light from the sun to charge the batteries. This will allow a person to have a spare set ready to go if their batteries happen to run out.

These are some tips to taking great pictures using the GoPro. The GoPro makes it easy to take photos while on the go and is small enough to carry around. These photography tips will help a person take the best possible pictures and capture all of their photos in their optimal condition.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.