Top Finnish Startups to Follow in 2020

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What do Wolt, Angry Birds and Nokia have in common? These top brands are all born and bred in Finland, a country that highly supports gaming, entrepreneurship, and innovation. As such, Helsinki is among the best places for business worldwide thanks to several factors. That includes strong national government support, world-class universities and a large pool of talent in all industries, including the casino world.

From gaming and software to biotech and health industries, Finland is a hotbed for innovation in the startup ecosystem. In fact, the Finnish startup ecosystem ranked as the most digitally advanced in the European Union in 2019. Additionally, thousands of entrepreneurs flock Helsinki from all over Europe every year to enjoy not only the Finnish gambling scene but also cool startup events such as Slush.

Here are the five most promising Finnish startups to follow in 2020.

Top Five Finnish Startups in 2020


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Dispersed collaborations and remote teams are increasingly becoming part of the corporate and startup culture. In 2017, Glue came to life as a virtual extension of an organization’s workplace, working as an online space where remote, high-performance teams can plan, share, learn and create.

Glue’s virtual training rooms are particularly popular, as they allow onboardings and company skill enhancements to be carried out from any part of the world. Currently, Glue has already got the attention of major clients like Toyota, HP, and Microsoft, raising over 3.4 million euros last year.

Sensible 4

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An Espoo-based startup, Sensible 4, is using it’s cold location to keep people safe when driving in bad weather. The team is currently using unique sensors, AI, algorithms, robotics and software to take autonomous driving where no self-driving car has ventured before.  Early this year, the company received 6.3 million euros from Japanese-backed investors, and they’ll be looking to continue growing their “Snowtonomous technology”. 


In a bid to humanize automated processes, several Finnish companies have been trying to develop human-like voice interfaces for years. Speechly is one of the Finnish companies that have been trying to create better ways of processing natural language since it was launched in 2016. 

Today, Speechly has managed to do all that with impressive accuracy, offering efficiently implementable solutions using simple APIs. Late last year, this Helsinki-based startup managed to land two million euros, paving the way for voice-supported experiences.


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As Finnish cities like Helsinki continues to expand, people are becoming more worried about healthy eating habits. For this reason, eating healthy organic foods, urban greenhouses, and vertical farms will become very common in the future.

Founded in 2017, iFarm has created an innovative technology that helps to grow vegetables, berries and natural salads in fully automated environments all year long. The company was launched by a Russian team led by Alexander Lystovsky, Konstantin Ulyanov and Maxim Chizhov.

Front AI

In 2020, chatbots have proven highly efficient in communicating with customers and eliminating the need to have a support team waiting for 24/7. However, the 2019-found startup, Front AI has managed to create the next generation of customer service bots supported by artificial intelligence. That highly enhances customer service performance, allowing companies to serve clients all year round.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.