A Good Free Vector Search Engine

Even as a WordPress blogger images are very important to making an impression with readers, choosing the right images for your WordPress blog theme, images and logos for your site banners or even social media icons can help draw attention and clicks.


I was experimenting with Vector.me a free vector search engine which allows you to find and download free vector and free logo files that you can use for your own websites or blogs.  These can be anything from backgrounds to logos and since they are vector files (some come with .png and other graphic formats too) you can resize them with no loss whatsoever which is a great thing about vectors.

Vector.me makes it easy to find vectors and logos you just visit the website, type what you are looking for in the search bar (or browse one of the many categories).  Then click search.


When the search results first come back, you can then filter by file type, AI, CDR, EPS or SVG.  Then you can choose a specific vector color if you have a specific color in mind or you want to filter by color.  Finally you can choose between a vector or logo.

There are hundreds of thousands of free vector images to choose from, and you really can get just about anything to help spice up your web design or newsletters with some of these vector images.

Once you choose a vector that interests you, you may not know how to open it and what program will open it.  Paint.NET will not open vector files, you need a program that can work with vectors such as an AI file.  .ai files is the Adobe Illustrator file format which is pretty much a vector standard, but you don’t have to buy Adobe Illustrator to view the vectors, Adobe Reader can view the vectors and doesn’t cost anything.

However if you want to edit, manipulate sizes and pay around with the vector files I recommend a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator called Inkscape.  With Inkscape you can just download your free vector images from Vector.me, unzip the archive and open the .ai file of the vector in Inkscape.  Inkscape will also open CDR files as well as other formats as well as have the ability to convert images to vectors which it does a decent job with.


I found an example of a dragon vector image on Vector.me and downloaded it, opening it with Inkscape below.


Now, remember when I said you can filter by vector colors on Vector.me earlier?  Well if you can’t find a vector color that you want, you pretty much can open any vector in Inkscape and easily change it to the color you want it to be.  This is great for switching black or white logos to colors.

If you want to work with vectors and get some free vector images or logos, then I recommend you test out the free vector search engine Vector.me and if you are just experimenting with vectors then Inkscape is a good way to get your foot in the door.  Though if you know of another vector image editor that you prefer, feel free to share it in the comments.

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