ACIL Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review

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Finding a good set of earphones is one thing that most of us are always on the hunt for. Over-the-ear headphones are nice and usually have the best bass, but for traveling, going to the gym, or even just as casual wear, it’s nice to have a smaller option. ACIL reached out to the Dragonblogger team to get their Bluetooth wireless earbuds reviewed, and overall it’s a really impressive set. It’s a little more expensive than a lot of earbuds you’ll see on the marketplace, but if you’re looking for a quality fit and sound, it might be worth it for you.

Sound and Noise

For earbuds, the bass on the ACIL headphones is decent but better than a lot of earphones on the market. They have 10.8mm dynamic drivers, which is why they sound better than most earbuds you’ll encounter. That’s also why they’re slightly pricier. A great feature is that the sound up and down along with the power on/off button are raised, so it’s much easier to find them and use them. The ACIL headphones get loud, which is an appreciated feature since most earbuds hit their maximum volume quickly.

They do a really good job of blocking out surrounding noise. When people talk to me in the gym, I can’t hear them. I can hear loud, booming music so I wouldn’t say they’re completely noise canceling, but definitely impressive for earbuds.

Comfort of the Acil Earphones

The ACIL earbuds are incredibly comfortable for not having the usual “hook” that a lot of earbuds do to stay in place. You can quickly tell they were designed to be much better than a lot of options out there. They are sweatproof and designed to resist the damage that sweat can do to earbuds. However, I still always recommend to people to wipe their headphones off after a strenuous workout just to extend the life of them.

Battery, Connectivity, and Bluetooth

One of the best parts of the ACIL earphones is the 11-hour battery life. It’s common for earphones of this size to not have long battery life, but these are different. As soon as you turn them on, they tell you how much battery is left, a feature I really enjoy with these. You can also see it on your device if it’s one that syncs with it. They take about an hour and a half to fully charge. Every time I turn them on, they connect instantly, which saves me time having to connect it every single time. You have the option of connecting them to two options at the same time.

Other Features

I do wish the ACIL headphones had a traveling bag, but that’s a personal preference. They come with extraXS/S/M/L eartips so you can find the perfect fit that feels the best. There’s a magnetic clasp in front so if you take them off, they’ll stay on your neck.

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  • 10.8mm Dynamic Drivers
  • 11-12 hours of battery life
  • Works with Android, iOS, and other Bluetooth devices
  • Microphone option for easy calling
  • 33 ft. Bluetooth range
  • Can connect to two devices at once


Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it.  All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.


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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.