Add Cool Images to Facebook Chat

Facebook now allows images (in the size of smileys) in facebook chat. This is Facebook’s recent attempt to spice up chat in facebook. It seems to develop on Google’s lead of adding funky items to it’s products, like “do a barrel roll”, “tilt”, “let it snow”..etc. This innovative feature allows us to add the profile photo of someone (or a page) in Facebook chat.

It is very easy to do so. All you have to do is type this [[username]]. Remember, no space and no caps.The username in facebook for anyone can be found out by going to thier profile page.

In this profile, we are at so to get Justin’s photo all you need to do is paste this into chat [[dragonblogger]]

The similey sized version of Justin is there in my chat box :).

Not everyone with a facebook profile has an username. Some profiles will be like this, Here take the long number after id= in the url and place it within the dpuble square brackets, for the given profile, it is [[1020345222]].

For facebook fan pages, it is the same. The URL of Justin Bieber’s page is so by typing [[justinbieber]] we can get his photo. In the same way as many profiles do not have usernames, many pages in facebook also do not have an username, in that case, use the numbers. Salena Gomez’s page is so for her photo, paste the long number after salena-gomez/ that is 200216056681428, so it become [[200216056681428]].

Some cool photos you might wanna use.

  • Justin Bieber – [[justinbieber]]   .
  • Coke – [[dietcoke]]     .
  • Heart – [[HeartBreakerzCrew]]
  • Pitbull – [[pitbull]] .
  • Soccer – [[footballuk]] .

So what are you waiting for, go and surprise your friends on chat with this and make sure you share this page with your friends so that they too know to rock like you do.

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