The Saga continues in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II will hit the stores early this year, trying to revive SEGA’s mascot after a couple of years of steady decline. The effort seemingly paid off with Episode I, as the game received above average scores and provided the loyal fans with a reason to cheer after standing beside it during the period when the hedgehog continued his downward spiral. Some of these guys even proclaimed that this is the best Sonic game ever and that it captures the spirit of fun that made the original so popular.

The world as it once was, only better

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As we are anxiously waiting for its release and try to make the most of the teaser trailer, Episode I offers quite a few hints about what SEGA is brewing. Fans will instantly recognize those familiar sites that Sonic cruised through with blazing speed in the original game. They’ve been revamped and while staying true to the original design, are much better looking and the upgrade doesn’t hurt the atmosphere at all.

In terms of gameplay, the variations are rather minor and SEGA doesn’t give us any reason to expect a dramatic change. You still need to run, jump and outplay equally agile opponents but it is a rollercoaster ride that fans love taking each time they get the chance. Sonic has some aces in his sleeves, such as invulnerability, hyper-speed and special shields, but players shouldn’t expect this to turn into a joyride.

One speedy hedgehog to steer

Perhaps the most important quality required in order to stand a chance of completing this game, besides a good eyesight and fast reflexes, is Patience. There will be enough situations when you fail to complete a level as you miss environmental obstacles and enemies in their immediate path, so it’s most likely that you’ll have to use a trial and error technique. The opponents should be fairly easy to kill, but make no mistake, if you make just a tiny error when launching the homing attack they’ll take you down like Nixon.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II will be available on Android devices as well, which is a big step forward for the franchise. Fans are thrilled with the progress, but less skilled ones should be careful not to lose their temper when being crushed by some unforgiving levels. If you find your life to be intoxicated with PC games and feel that this is the time for a change, then Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II could be a good choice. It requires a good amount of self control to remain calm and focused after the numerous failures that are imminent in the opening stage, but if you manage to finish the game, a part of you might be somewhat flattered by the achievement.

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