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I am an avid gamer and a passionate reviewer, with three years of experience in this line of work. I've worked for Games32 and during those three years, I've written hundreds of previews and reviews for both PC and console games. The website was unfortunately revamped and now offers casual games, but some of my articles still exist on the developers' websites. Before working as a game reviewer, I’ve played competitive Starcraft. I won the Romanian Championship 4 times in 8 editions and I won the Balkanic Cup with the national team. I know what gaming is and I can relate to both rookies and pros.

Madden NFL 13 Captures What Football is About

This year it will be particularly difficult for cynical players to claim that if you’ve played one Madden you’ve played them all, because Madden NFL 13 promises to be something different. Naturally, the game doesn’t stray from the core concepts that make football popular and doesn’t change anything that would compromise the game’s realism. What [...]

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Review of Iron Brigade: Turn the Tide of War

Tower defense games as we know them are here to stay, but every now and then we are presented with a title that revolutionizes the genre. The Iron Brigade is a shinning example of how popular concepts are altered just enough to resemble the original while giving more depth to an otherwise straightforward genre. Double [...]

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Hybrid Game Review: a New Third-person Shooter Experience Awaits

Aliens and humans gunning each other down is a concept that third-person fans are familiar with, but 5th Cell’s take is truly innovative in Hybrid. The company famous for the Scribblenauts doesn’t reinvent the wheel in their latest release but has it spin in a way that will charm and puzzle many newcomers. In the [...]

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PC Game Review: Endless Space Turn Based Strategy Game

Turn-based strategy games are losing ground these days when everyone is focusing on fast-paced action and adrenaline junkies have become the developer’s favorites. Endless Space is an exception to the rule, and for all those who love this genre it is safe to say that it is the best way of spending the following months. [...]

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PC Game Review: Resonance Combines Four Adventures in One

Resonance will not charm its players with state of the art graphics, gorgeous sound effects or any of the technological wonders that gamers tend to take for granted. In fact it will completely ignore anything that can be even remotely associated to the aforementioned qualities that we tend to rate modern games after. Instead, it [...]

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PC Game Review: Anna is Scary for all the Wrong Reasons

Zombies, ghouls and other nightmarish creatures can hardly scare savvy gamers who’ve had their fair share of confrontation with monsters. Horror games that rely more on atmosphere and build up tension gradually are more likely to bring shivers down our spines than an endless slaughtering of fiends. It is obvious that this is what the [...]

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Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad: Get Your Adrenaline Fix In

You don’t need to be a diehard racing games fan to enjoy Jeremy McGrath's Offroad especially in summer when there is a scarcity of immersive titles. Not everyone will get his adrenaline fix from Diablo and other major releases and a racing game such as the one developed by 2XL Games for PS3 and XBOX [...]

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Rainbow Moon: Get Back to the Roots of RPG

Role-play games came a long way, but some of the titles that kept us entertained when we were younger would still be enjoyable to play, with slight tweaks. It is only fair to include Rainbow Moon among old-school RPGs, but it would be terribly unfair to dismiss it as dated or obsolete. The guys at [...]

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Skyrim Dawnguard: End the tyranny of the Sun

Skyrim has enough fans right now to make any add-on a success, but it wouldn’t hurt looking at the latest Dawnguard installment with a critical eye. It aims to add a couple more hours of content to a title that is already impressive, with roughly 100 hours of intense action awaiting players. Fortunately the add-on [...]

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Play a Vengeful God in Babel Rising

Being God is not as fun as you’d suspect, especially when your followers are not in the mood of respecting your will and are thinking of usurping you. Their approach might not be the most effective or smart one, but they seem to be undeterred in their attempt to build a tower that will puncture [...]

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