Add Marketing Graphics to Your WordPress Blog

I was one of the beta testers for the IM Graphics Plugin for WordPress and really enjoyed using it and installing it on a few of my blogs.  This plugin gives you a bevy of marketing infographics that help draw attention to products or bullet points in your post and saves you time when creating WordPress posts or pages that you want designed as landing pages with the intent to sell a product or convert to an action.

Here is my video overview of the plugin:

With IM Graphics you install this plugin (which is about 8+ MB and may need you to to increase the Max Upload size in your PHP.ini in some cases) and you instantly have access to insert the graphics in your post editor.

You get everything you could want from background headers, footers, arrows, call to action buttons, price tags and much more.  Andy is constantly adding features, making improvements and provides top notch support on all products he creates and offers.

If you are looking to have a collection of marketing infographics at your disposal with an instant and easy way to add them to articles, then you will find benefit from the IM Graphics plugin for WordPress.


-Dragon Blogger

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