Advanced Mobile Care Pro

IOBIT, makes many wonderful products. One such product is done for the care of mobile devices. It is called Advanced Mobile Care, or AMC for short. I have had this software on my kindle fire for some time now, and I like it.
This application is not very large in size, just under 14MB, but it does more than any other app like it on the market. I am going to list all of the different features of this program for you to look at.

1. Scan for junk files and general device speedup.
2. Antivirus.
3. Security zone.
4. Giveaways.
5. Task Killer.
6. Call/SMS blocker.
7. Anti-Theft.
8. Privacy Locker.
9. App Manager.
10. Game Speeder.
11. Privacy Advisor.
12. Battery Saver.
13. Cloud Backup.

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WOW, that is a lot of stuff. And it is all in one place. No need to have two or three apps downloaded to do the same thing, just one program with all these great features.

I was able to install this App onto my kindle fire but I did not get it from the app store. Not sure why it is not available there. When you go to the settings to purchase the full program, it does initially try to log into Google play but it also offers a way to purchase directly from the company without using Google play which is nice. Note that while most of the app is 100% free, there are some parts that are premium, and that’s where the cost comes in. The complete cost is only $9.99 and completely worth it.

I have tried many of the other apps out there that do some of the same things this one app does. They work great, and are worth the download, but using them means having to have 2 or even 3, sometimes more apps downloaded taking up space on your device to do only a fraction of what AMC Pro can do, and many of them are so full of adds that it makes using them a pain. (I attempted to use one that claimed it would boost game performance, but sadly only wasted my time and storage space, and in the end it got deleted.)

Simply put, this one application is great, and I plan to continue using it over any other on the market. I have everything in one place, and I know that the people who make the program are dedicated to ensure that you are completely satisfied with their product.

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