Afterfall Review: A Less Inspiring Horror Story

Diversity is usually a good thing, but when too many ideas are used in conjunction without having a proper grid for implementation, results are incoherent and disappointing. Afterfall aims to be different from all the horror titles and it strives to take story telling to a different level, by combining various narratives into a single plot. People from all over the world were summoned to share their ideas, but in the end the plot was not more than the sum of its parts, but less.

Too linear to be scary

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Afterfall takes place in the years following World War 2, when a nuclear war forced people to cram into underground shelters to survive. Years after the fallout, the residents of these shelters go crazy and as the epidemic spreads, the leading character Albert Tokaj, struggles to find a way out. It is not a particularly original premise, but things get even worse as the story is poorly developed and you feel more like a rat in a maze, than an actual character.

There are not many decisions to take and staying alive is not the same with staying sane, because Albert seems to be just as insensible to what’s happening around him as the ones he has to kill. It should have been more personal to be engaging, because the protagonist’s behavior fails to capitalize on the eerie environment. Madness is spreading all around him, but Albert is unaffected by anything and goes on with killing waves of incoming foes, with the same detachment as if he was hitting a piñata.

Against your better judgment

You don’t need to reach the conclusion to realize that Afterfall is a disappointment because as you progress with the campaign, it is obvious that not even the most spectacular conclusion will make the effort worthwhile. Deranged individuals are waiting in every room and shadow is their friend, but when you are being attacked each time you open a door, it is simply too predictable to frighten you. With enough ammo at your disposal to clear room after room, melee combat is rendered virtually useless.

The graphics are reasonably good, but this is hardly enough for a title that fails in so many ways, while the sound effects and voice acting are mediocre. Usually a few hours of gameplay are more than enough to call it a day, but if against your better judgment, you wish to pursue, at least the conclusion will give you some solace. Afterfall is not what I expected it to be, falling short as a horror title due to a shallow storyline, an unconvincing protagonist and predictable foes.

Frankly, the trailer is better than the actual game, so feel free to take a look:

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