Aglaia 7 Watt LED Desk Lamp Giveaway

Our friends over at Aglaia have decided to help celebrate Amazon Prime day by not only offering some deals on their products which are listed below, but also running a giveaway with us where 2 lucky people will get one of their dimmable LED desk lamps which are the perfect reading lamps.  With touch controls you simply tap until you get the desired brightness setting.  This lamp also features a side USB port so you can have the lamp on a desk or your nightstand and use the USB port to charge your tablet or phone. The USB port is 5V /2A output so you can use it for most tablets, though it isn’t quick charge and may charge a 2.4A tablet slower than a full 2.4A output port, it is designed more for phones.

The neck is completely bendable and you can adjust and point the lamp at whatever you want, making it a great lamp to read a book and direct most of the light away from shining against something else (like a sleeping partner).

Enter for your chance to win the Aglaia 7 Watt LED Desk Lamp

Aglaia 7 Watt LED Desk Lamp Giveaway

Can’t wait to see if you win? Go ahead and purchase one now!

Right now you can get the Aglaia Desk Lamp for 30% Off with Coupon Code 3ZEV67LW at checkout as well!  Coupon is valid until July 7th.


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