AILIHEN M10 Earbuds Better than Bose and Beats? With Giveaway

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My family goes through a lot of earbuds in my household and in particular my kids tend to ruin or lose earbuds quite frequently with bringing them to school and whatnot.  Cheaper earbuds have cords that twist and break on the inside leaving them useless or more commonly one earbud is broken while the other works, too many have just a L or R working after the cords get twisted and untwisted a few dozen times.  So I am always willing to receive additional wired earbuds to test and particularly those in the budget range as I know my kids will be harsh with the earbuds and I tend to keep the more expensive earbuds for myself.


The Ailihen M10 earbuds are equipped with 10mm Neodymium Drivers and they do sound very good, reproducing highs and mid range tones very well, and though bass is always a bit of a disadvantage on tiny drivers they hold up well with heavy electronica and rock songs for the price of the earbuds.  The earbuds have a nice solid feel to them, metal on the back and come with a variety of earbud tips to fit in any ear canal.

The control box only has 1 button in the center, and this is a multi function button that features the pause, play, take call, end call and two clicks equals next track, with 3 clicks equaling previous track.  The only disadvantage is there is no plus or minus button to raise or lower volume or fast forward in the middle of a song which was an odd omission as most earbuds have them standard.  The other thing about the earbuds is the braided cord is very thin and easily knots and tangles, it could have been made to be a little thicker and/or had plastic coating around the braided cable to better protect the wires and resist twisting, crimping and knots.  However the cables are copper wrapped around fiber which is supposed to make them extra durable despite the thin braided cord, and they were knotted pretty good by my son for a few weeks and didn’t have any audio issues or suffer any damage.

The mic is fair for earbuds, noise cancellation is good in a pinch but doesn’t stand up to wind if you are walking and having conversations outside.  This earbud set is really made for listening to music with handling calls but is not really optimized for gaming or using extensively for chat.  The 3.5mm M10 by Ailihen however has broad support and can be used with any phone, tablet, PC or game console like the PS4 controller and works which makes it a decent multi-purpose earbud for under $20 with the sound quality being practically as good as the BOSE earbuds that my wife was using and cost $100.

The carrying case is a nice disc shaped case which also is convenient to pack and carry your earbuds around and also include the extra earbud attachments.

Win a pair of the Ailihen M10 Metal Earbuds

AILIHEN M10 Earbud Giveaway

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.