Pick Up the Enerlites Preset In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch

It is far too common when you have a house with kids that the lights are left on in a room for too long when they should have been shut off, this is true of bathroom lights, closet lights or let’s say you want to just have a timer for just about anything that is tied to a wall switch.  This is where something like the Enerlites Preset In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch comes into place, you simply replace your wall switch plate with the countdown time switch and you now have the ability to automate how long lights or fans get turned on for.

With the Enerlites timer switch plate you have 6 timer options on how long you want power to continue to the device hooked to the switch, these are 1min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min or 30min. You simply push the button to set the preference then turn it on knowing the light will shut off at the right interval.  Are you going to grab something from your closet, just set for 5 minutes, grab what you need and walk away.

This is especially ideal for bathroom fan switches, say you want the fan to de-fog the bathroom after a hot shower, or dare I saw circulate some after after using the throne, if you just flip the fan switch often this will be left running for hours and you forget to ever turn it off until the next time you are in the restroom, this switch makes it ideal to run just as long as it needs to without wasting power.  This works for the night too if you need to get up and use the restroom and flip it on for a few minutes and leave the room.

Now because this is only a timer switch and you can’t leave it on past 30 minutes, it isn’t recommended for a bedroom where you would have light on longer, this is designed for a room/garage where you rarely would have the light/fan running for more than 30 minutes.

This Enerlites Wall Timer Switch also does require you know enough about electrical to kill power to the circuit, and replace a switch on a wall.  This is a 6.6A switch with a wattage rating up to 800W it is for single pole only.  This isn’t rocket science but this also does require a neutral wire, you should not install if there isn’t a neutral wire.  If you have been needing a timer switch for your house then you can get 15% off with the coupon deal listed below which is exclusive for Dragon Blogger fans.

Enerlites HET06A Full Details


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