AideTek AideBox Speaker Review

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

First things first, AideTek reached out to me to do a review of this speaker, and I provided a whole 100% honest review in return.

Let’s get to it. This speaker is absolutely sweet. AideTek is actually an electrical supply company, so they kind of went off the beaten path on making a speaker, but I have to say, it is simply amazing! Here’s why!

AideTek AideBox SOUND:
The sound quality of this speaker is great! It is in the sub $40 price range, but it could easily belong up in the $75 range.

Lows (bass)-
The first thing I want to speak on is the bass. Man, does this thing kick. I have reviewed numerous portable speakers, and this speaker simply has more bass than even most of the larger one’s I have reviewed. It has a 10W driver pushing these subs to a decently high level, and they produce a very solid thump. Now obviously the speaker isn’t going to rattle your room, however, for something that you can carry in your hand, you will be surprised most definitely.

This speaker also get very loud. Much louder than I honestly expected it to possibly be. It is difficult for me to explain how LOUD a speaker is over text or video so I try to make you visualize the sound. I have an average sized room and when this thing is even at 90% volume I have to speak very loud in order for the person listening to me to be able to hear me.

Whether you are just listening to some calming music or just don’t enjoy overly loud music, this speaker hits it’s mids smooth and crisp. Vocals are very clear and instrumentals are true to sound. Not much else to say here. It simply has crystal clear mids.
AideTek AideBox DESIGN:

The design of this speaker is very simplistic, yet very stylish at the same time. The speaker has an aluminum, IPX5 waterproof housing. It has 5 buttons on top. The play/pause button, previous/next track buttons, Bluetooth connectivity and pairing button, and the power button. The red and black color scheme go great with my red/black desktop setup! Check out some pictures, below:


AideTek AideBox Connectivity:
Connecting to this speaker is as easy as can be. Hold the power button for a few seconds and a voice will sound saying “Device is ready for connection”. Once connected, the speaker will sound “Connected”. This is very convenient. Sometimes speaker will just play a little sound and that can mean anything. So it verbally telling you it’s status, is great! It features bluetooth 4.0, which allows for a strong connection that will stay connected a considerable distance, even through walls.

AideTek AideBox Use:
Using this speaker is great. The “answer call” feature is very easy to use. The other day I was jamming out in the shower and someone called. I pushed the little phone/bluetooth button on the speaker and talked to them through the speaker. I asked if my voice was coming through clear and they confirmed it was. I also could hear them speaking perfectly fine. I’ve dealt with speakers in the past that the mic simply didn’t live up to what would be expected, this speaker is the exception.

AideTek AideBox IPX5 Waterproof (what it means)-
This speaker is certified IPX5 waterproof. What this means is that it is resistant to water splashes and water being directly aimed at it. It is NOT SAFE to drop this in water or to submerge it. Leave that up to an IPX7 speaker. It is great for showers, outside water activities, or simply using it in the bathroom near the sink. Works great and I feel confident in it’s water safety abilities.
Overall, this speaker is the one I have been looking for. I use it as my everyday go-to. You will absolutely love this speaker! Try it out.
Also, check out my attached video below! Thanks AideTek for supplying me with such a quality speaker.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.