Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Advanced 16000DPI Mouse Review

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Tt eSPORTS is a brand that I’m pretty sure no longer needs an introduction, and if you still don’t know, it’s a sub-branch of Thermaltake Technology which deals with the peripherals side of the computer industry. Tt eSPORTS is famous not only for their build quality but the price at which they offer their products. And to confirm that, we reviewed the Black V2 mouse from Tt eSPORTS a year back which received a 5/5 rating, and it’s still among the best mouse I’ve ever used.


Tt eSPORTS is also known for releasing revised models of their already released products and today we are going to look at one. The Tt eSPORTS Level 10M mouse was released four years back with Tt eSPORTS and BMW DesignWorks’ collaboration followed by a revision known as Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Hybrid, which offered both wired and wireless experience with fewer keys. And now we have the latest model of the same mouse known as Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Advanced.


Tt eSPORTS take on Level 10M Advanced

Level 10 M Advanced gaming mouse is the enhanced version of the first version of our Level 10 M Mouse and it’s the first foray into gaming peripherals formed through the design collaboration by Thermaltake Group and BMW Group DesignworksUSA. The Level 10 M Advanced gaming mouse was built with a laser engine up to 16000 DPI that can be used on most surfaces. OMRON engineered switches have a lifetime of 50 million clicks, improved ergonomic shape design for better hand grip feeling with an additional base-plate design to reduce friction while moving and has a brilliant RGB illumination with 16.8 million color.


Level 10M AdvancedSpecification:

Mouse Specification:

DIMENSION 130.75 X 87.35 X 40.53 MM


Sensor Specification:

DEFAULT DPI 400, 800, 1600, 3200
IPS 150
POLLING RATE 1000HZ, 500HZ, 250HZ, OR 125HZ (1MS, 2MS, 4MS OR 8MS).

Level 10M Advanced Unboxing:


Like most of the Tt eSPORTS mice, the packaging is similar, the box having a flip design and a picture and multiple features of mouse present at the front.


And some other features present at the back.


Removing the top cover which was attached with Velcro straps reveals the mouse along with a little breakdown of the features it has. We don’t often see a tool beside the mouse in the Tt eSPORTS mouse package as that’s something exclusive to Tt eSPORTS Level 10M series. The Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Advanced uses a adjustable top cover as the height of the top cover can be increased or decreased using the tool provided.


Along with the mouse, we are getting a pair of Tt eSPORTS logo stickers, an instruction manual, a warranty card and an instrument that’s used to adjust the height of the top cover.


Closer Look:


From the top view, we can see the scroll and the honeycomb design of the top cover which is used for better air ventilation, so your hands don’t get sweaty and the spot from where you can adjust the height of the top cover.



On the left side of the mouse, we have a baseplate attached to mouse where the thumb rests, and it does feel good having the thumb stationary rather than facing the surface friction while gliding the mouse. Also, we have the A and B buttons used as forward and backward buttons by default and a very special 5D or 5 Axis button which can be jogged in 4 directions or pressed, performing five different functions. Now by default the 5D button is set to change the DPI and profile of the mouse while two being disabled but every button of Level 10m Advanced can be reconfigured according to your desire or style. So including the scroll, RMB, LMB, A, B, and 5D button we have a total of 10 buttons to play around with, offering a lot of customization.

Level 10M Advanced


On the right side, where there used to be two buttons on the original design, it now has a baseplate for the ring and pinky finger for better ergonomic and grip. Other than that you can see the hard plastic wires going to the front of the body that in my opinion just adds more points to the overall look and design of the mouse. If you are familiar with the original Level 10M, then you might notice something missing from this picture. It’s the hole for adjusting the top cover tilt which in previous models could tilt to 5 degrees either left or right side. I think that was a feature that should’ve come along with this model.


On the front, there’s nothing out of ordinary with the wire coming out of the center through a little plastic body.




As mentioned before the mouse uses a adjustable top cover which can be adjusted height-wise using the tool provided and in the above pictures you can see the difference it can make. Though there’s one problem with the mechanism, in the beginning, the mechanism didn’t need much force to adjust the height and could be done with bare hands but after a while, it needed pliers to rotate the tool. So some work is needed to be done on the lever mechanism of the mouse, probably in the next revision?


Below is where the laser sensor resides. The Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Advanced is using an Avago 9800 sensor which is an 8200DPI sensor but can produce 16000DPI with the Tt eSPORTS override in the Level 10M Advanced. Also, Tt eSPORTS has opted for Teflon feet instead of rubber feet which make gliding the mouse feel a lot better and smooth compared to other mice with rubber feet.


The Level 10M Advanced like any other mouse is using a gold plated USB port with a 1.8m long braided wire. But this time around, the wire comes with the USB port cover which is nice to see.

Performance and Build Quality:

The Level 10M Advanced has a matte finish on the body and the build quality feels really study. There’s no mention of the weight on the official website about the mouse but it has a nice balance between heavy and light and can be easily lifted without much force. Also it doesn’t have a weight adjustment option so you’re stuck with what you’re getting.

The Level 10M Advanced is using Omron switches with a life span of 50 million clicks and the feeling they produce is good and it doesn’t require a lot of pressure to be registered and also I haven’t noticed and miss-clicks as of yet. Talking about the scroll, compared to other mice the scroll size on the Level 10M Advanced is a little short but it doesn’t impact the performance of the scrolling anyway and is easily reachable. Also the scroll doesn’t feel like it’s made of poor quality material, instead it’s sturdy and has the perfect scrolling friction and speed.

The mouse is using the Avago 9800 sensor which perform well and is pretty accurate and precise while moving. But there’s one issue with the Avago 9800 utilized in the Level 10M Advanced; it’s surface picky!

That’s the only let down so far I’ve had with the Level 10M advanced. I use Tesoro Aegis as my primary mousepad which is a 3D fabric mousepad, and the Level 10M Advanced was having difficulty during the movement. The mouse movement was getting interrupted while gliding on the surface, even though the frequency wasn’t that high, let’s say 3-4 times in a CS:GO match but it was there and was noticeable. So to confirm that it wasn’t my mousepad as it works perfectly with other mouse, I maxed out the lift-off settings in the software just to make sure the sensor wasn’t losing any traction to the surface, but the result was still same.

So I decided to change the surface and dig up my Rantopad Max aluminum mousepad, and the mouse works perfectly on the solid surface if not better. I didn’t have another fabric mousepad to confirm that the sensor can operate perfectly on the soft surface or not so we will have to assume that the Avago sensor used in the Level 10M Advanced like solid surface better. To add more to that, it even works perfectly on my wooden table surface. So we know that at least the sensor is working perfectly but is just surface picky.


The software for Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Advanced is called Tt eSPORTS Command Center. The software is pretty neat and the option placements and layers and very well designed.


The first thing you’ll see after launching the application is the home section. From here you can browse through and set up five different profiles and since mouse features a 256K built-in memory, it can store all the 5 different profile settings inside it. You are also able to remap the mouse buttons from this very section. Just beside the customization tab we have the Macro setting tab and below them is the performance and light option tab buttons. You can also link a program to the profile so once you launch that particular program, the mouse will switch to the profile attached to that program. You can also switch to the battle mode here what it does is change the LED colors according to the number of clicks, like the fastest number of clicks you’ll be doing will convert the LED in green and so on.


Then we have the Macro settings. Defining a macro is really easy. You just give the macro a name in the “Macro Name” tab and press on the “record” button and smash your keyboard with the desired keys and press on stop. You can manually insert key or mouse functions in the macro as well by clicking the “Insert” button. Then we also have the option of playing with the times of the inputs. You can pre-define the time delay or edit the input delay separately by going into pressing the “insert” option and selecting “delay time after this”.


Other than the buttons remapping, this is where you control your sensors functions from. In the performance tab, you can set different DPIs on four different levels which can be changed from the 5D button on your mouse by default but also can be remapped. Since this is a 16000DPI mouse as advertised, so you get to select the DPI from 100 to 16000 with the increments of 100. You can also set the lift off height from here which is only about few mm. Then we can also change the angle snapping rate which I’ve set to 0 since I prefer my aim as it is and if you’re a hardcore FPS gamer, that’s how you’d want it too. What it does is straighten your mouse movement which makes it difficult for accurate diagonal movements. Then we also have the button response time which I’ve set to default as it feels better that way and you can also adjust the polling rate from 125Hz to 1000Hz.


Finally, the light options. So the Level 10M Advanced has three different illumination zones. One of the LMB, one underneath the hive and one on the scroll. Then we have three different modes of LEDs to apply in those zone. Static means as it sounds, just the LED lights up and stays as it is, then we have the pulse mode where the LED turns on and off with fading effects, and finally we have the spectrum effect where the LEDs change colors in rainbow style. Check out the video below for LED effects in action.

Level 10M Advanced Lighting Effect:






So I’ve used the Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Advanced mouse for almost a month and I’ve got mixed thoughts about it as everything has their highs and lows, but mostly positive thoughts. I really like the design of the mouse and the matte finish on it which makes the mouse look and feel sturdy, you can determine that by looking at the thick top cover. The ventilation design looks amazing on the mouse as well and I would personally like to see them used on more mouse. The buttons and the scroll of the mouse feels perfects with the sensor being a little surface picky but performs well when it’s on the right surface with the ability to go as high as 16000DPI even though most or almost no one yet would use it at that high DPI. The ability to adjust the top cover opens a wider room for the people to have their perfect grip no the mouse. The Teflon feet used on the mouse makes the gliding even smoother which might not be noticeable in short period but in long gaming session the hand doesn’t get tired too quickly. Then we have 3 different illumination spots on the mouse with RGB LEDs so you can come up with any combination of colors from the 16.8 million colors pool. Also the 5D button can be really useful in RPG or MOBA games where you need to switch through huge inventories or even on desktop for various purposes like copy/paste or DPI or profile change and the possibilities are limitless.

Though one thing is questionable about the Level 10M Advanced and it’s the A/B and 5D button position. The 5D button is present right underneath the middle of your thumb which makes operation the axis buttons difficult and you have to loosen your grip on the mouse most of the time to use it. Also the A and B buttons seems to be a bit low then what would have been the perfect position. A better solution would have been placing the 5D button on the front which would be easily accessible and could be utilized for multi-purpose. Also, the A and B button could be pushed back and a little higher.

Other than that, the design, even though I like it very much, might not be comfortable and as much an eye candy for some people who are used to simple design and a little less on the size sector.

Summing up that all, and including the factor that the Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Advanced will only set you back $69.99, I would like to rate the Tt eSPORTS 4.5/5 stars and award it Recommended and Editor’s Choice Award.

DBEditorChoice45Star-badge DB45StarBestValue-Badge


Disclaimer: Tt eSPORTS provided me with the Level 10M Advanced so I could do a showcase and share thoughts on the product. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone. For more information visit

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.