Tt eSPORTS Black V2 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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For every gamer, after their internal PC specifications, the most important thing is the peripherals, and for a hardcore FPS gamer who also plays a little bit of RTS/MOBA games, a comfortable and precise mouse is the focal point of that. And today we are going to have a look at the Tt eSPORTS Black V2 Laser Gaming mouse to see whether it fits the need of such gamer or not.

Manufacturer’s take on Black V2:

With the BLACK V2 laser gaming mouse, Tt eSPORTS brings new life to its most time honored gaming mouse. The BLACK V2 has been improved in every which way possible. The AVAGO laser sensor has been bumped up to 5700 DPI, a new surface coating gives both a more appealing finish and comfort, new textured grip on side for better control, an additional thumb button for even more macros, and even new software/UI design & functions. The same great BLACK gaming mouse shape and adjustable weight system are maintained in the BLACK V2.

Quick look from Tt eSPORTS:



Let’s start our review from the unboxing of the package. We get the Black V2 mouse in a rectangular box which have a picture of the mouse in the middle while the Tt eSPORTS text and logo written on the top and the mouse name written just underneath it’s picture. We also have some features mentioned at the bottom of the box.



Just like most of their other mice, the box of Black V2 has a flip design on the front. The flip part of the box is held in position by two Velcro dots present up and down and when you unlock the flip, you can see the mouse being held inside a plastic container. Also on the back of the flip part of the box we have 3 images of the mouse from different angles pointing out things like button, sensor etc.


The left and right side of the box is nothing out of ordinary, just the mouse name and Tt eSPORTS text and logo written.


On the back of the box though, where we usually have a little more details about the features and specification of the mouse, we have the GUI image of the software which will be needed to play around with mouse and it’s features. We also have mention of links from where we can download the software.


As mentioned before, the mouse was being held in place within a plastic container inside the box which you can see in the picture above.


As you pull out the plastic container, we can see few other things are being pulled out along with the mouse at the mouse.


So the things that come with the Black V2 mouse are a carrying pouch with the dragon logo on top and something that looks like a cardboard CD/DVD cover which you can see at the left side with dragon logo on it. Though it’s not a CD/DVD cover, instead it contained the warranty card, 2x Tt eSPORTS logo sticker and the instruction manual.



And that is how the mouse actually looks like out of the box. Let’s have a closer look below.


Closer Look:



From a spectators view or the user’s view I should say, we can see the Tt eSPORTS dragon logo near the bottom of the mouse. We can also see there are two bottoms present just beneath the scroll. The button just before the scroll is used to switch between 5 different profiles, while the button before that is used to change the DPI level. The Black V2 has a matte coating finish which actually feels like a mixture of sturdy plastic and flexible rubber which in my opinion has a great feeling to it which also make it very difficult for the mouse to slip out of hands. We can also see that there are two extra keys on the left side of the mouse. More on these below.





From this angle we have a clearer picture of the buttons present on the left side. And just underneath the buttons we can see that there’s some kind of carving done on the mouse. Inside the carving we have a hexagonal texture design that isn’t clearly visible in the picture but that’s where your thumb will be. And the hexagonal texture there actually helps keeping your thumb from slipping. Also if you notice near the top bottom side of the mouse, there’s a shiny glass texture present. That’s the LED DPI indicator, which lights up to 4 different level of DPIs where 1 is the lowest while 4 is highest.


At first sight, this side of the mouse doesn’t really look out of ordinary, but the mouse from this side is actually pressed inside which gives the mouse more comfortable feeling and also prevents it from slipping. Actually, the mouse haven’t slipped out of my hands even once even though I’ve slammed it against the keyboard several times already. Yup, CS:GO competitive matches makes you do that sometimes.



The Black V2 is a wired mouse and the wires are braided which makes them hard to be damaged easily. The cable is 1.8m long and the USB this time is gold plated. There’s no inline choke at the cable though there’s Tt written on the USB connector.




This is where the heart of the Black V2 is present. The Black V2 mouse makes use of an upgraded version of the AVAGO laser sensor which offers up to 5700 DPI now. And to keep the mouse from slipping off of the surface we have 2x small rubber feet at the top and 2x larger rubber feet at the bottom of the mouse base. Also at the back we have a warning that says not to look at the laser directly, the exact model number of the mouse and some stuff that doesn’t go through my brain.





The Black V2 also have the option to change the weight of the mouse. You can access the weight compartment by removing the cap on top of it and you’ll see 5x 4.5g weights pre-installed. If you like light mouse then you can just remove few of the weights from the holder and install it back in, or just leave it like that for a heavier feel to the mouse. Personally I started using the mouse with 3x 4.5g weights installed, but it didn’t feel comfortable with that so I’ve got all 5x weights installed currently.




To play around with macros and other functions of the mouse, you’ll need the Tt eSPORT Gaming Program which you can download from here. Once downloaded, installed and open, you’ll land on the main dashboard shown above. From here, you can change the functions of the key, assign macros, change turn on/off LEDs and more.



There are basically 5 main profiles with 2 sub profiles, one being normal and second being the battle profile where according to the massage the LEDs will illuminate in sync with your clicks in-game.



From the Macro setting tab, you can record/edit your macro combinations as well as import/export them. There’s also options for playing with the time gap between each action. You can store up to 35 macro combinations which can be separately assigned to the 5 different profiles which mathematically would make it 35 x 5= 175 macros.



To assign the macro keys, you just need to click on the preferred button, then go to the T Key in the dropdown menu and assign the macro key you recorded to it. You can also assign different single key functions, sensitivity level, profile switch or an executable file to any key, though one of the key has to function has the left click otherwise you won’t be able to save the profile.



From the performance tab, you can change the DPI level from 100 to 5700 and assign 4 different levels of DPI that can be quickly swapped to by using the sensitivity changing key. You can also change the polling rate from 125Hz to 1000Hz and also you can adjust the lift-off control from here.





Lastly, you can change the LED on and off from the Light option tab. The existence of this tab is actually weird to me as you can only turn off or on the LEDs of the scroll and the Logo. It would have been a better choice to just create a switch for on/off switch on the main dashboard rather than creating a whole new tab of just this purpose. It would be meaningful if we can change the color of LEDs though the Black V2 doesn’t have RGB LEDs so we can’t.

Comfort and feel:

Before explaining that, let me tell you that I have a grip somewhere in between the palm and fingertip on the mouse. And once you get the idea of how my hand is placed on the mouse, I can say this is one of the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used so far (used around 10+ mouse atleast). The inside push on the right side of the mouse and the hexagonal texture on the left side of the mouse really helps in keeping the mouse from slipping though the hexagonal texture should’ve been a bit near the bottom and my thumb is only reaching about a few cm there. But again, grips and comfort is more of a personal taste, for each their own, though for me, the Black V2 was easily the best mouse for grip and comfort.


Build Quality:

As mentioned above, the mouse has a matte finish but it has a mixed feeling of a sturdy plastic and rubber material. The surface feels like you can press it like any rubber but then the plastic feels kicks in giving it a sturdy feel. No doubt that Tt eSPORT has done great job on the quality.



I’ve used the Black V2 with several games, mainly with C&C3: Tiberium Wars and Counter Strike : Global offensive. And any FPS gamer should know that when it comes to FPS skills, then counter strike can be said as the benchmarking software of that genre. When I was using my older mouse, I simply couldn’t control my recoils so I had to stick with sniper rifles and pistols, but since I’ve used the Black V2, I’ve got a better hold on the rifle recoils and no doubt it has helped me with my accuracy cause of how precise the mouse is. Also, usually the mouse have problem with the scroll, and I’ve faced that issue many times in the past, but the scroll on Black V2 is working and performing perfectly.



Simply put, I’ve been using the Black V2 mouse for about a month and simply don’t feel like changing to any other anytime soon. We a great finish over the mouse, the build quality feels really sturdy even though it has a soft feeling on the surface and the design just provides the best comfort in long gaming session. Not only the Black V2 has changed my opinion for the mouse with “gaming” in their names but it’s simply one of the best mouse I’ve had and used so far.

And the mouse is not just about the design, comfort and feel, but we have extra keys on the mouse as well on which you can assign various functions or macros. Tt eSPORT has named the Black V2 a 7 button design, though we can only see 4 extra buttons in total. Well you can also assign functions to middle button, scroll up and scroll down. You can even change the functions of left and right click but they wouldn’t really make sense. As I rarely or rather I can say almost never have the need of changing the DPI in-game and I can just assign a executable path to a profile, that frees up 2x keys on the top on which I can assign various gaming functions and similar way with the scroll where you just don’t have the need for them.

And to do all the things regarding functions and keys, you’ll need the Tt eSPORT gaming program, which I found very easy to use and the build was also neat with everything you’ll need right in front of you.

My only dislike about the mouse itself is that the LEDs aren’t RGB, but that’s something for the eye candy and doesn’t affect the performance at all. But the best part of all this is that the mouse is priced only $49, and if you manage to find it on a deal, then you better not miss it. So finally, after a few months, I have found myself a 5 star product.

The mouse is out of stock at but you can buy it directly from Tt eSPORT store as well.


Tt eSPORTS provided us with the Black V2 Laser Gaming mouse so we could do a showcase and share thoughts on the product. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.