Ailihen MX-06 Headphone Giveaway

Ailihen worked with us a few weeks ago to giveaway their C-08 headphones and were so happy with the response from Dragon Blogger fans that they now offered us their MX-06 headphones to giveaway and the best part is… There will be 5 winners again instead of just a single winner.

For those who can’t wait to find out if they win, or if they want to pick it up if they weren’t one of the lucky ones after you can get the Ailihen MX-06 Headphones for 20% off with Coupon code (MX620OFF) so just use this code at Amazon Checkout.

You also get to choose which color if you win, so make sure you do the “visit the product page” entry and respond with the color you want to win.  The Ailihen MX-06 headphones have a control box on the cord with a volume slider as well as mic mute.  These headphones let you enjoy games on mobile devices as well as computer/iPad or anything with a 3.5mm input jack really.

Here are the Ailihen MX-06 Headphone Specs


Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Speaker dimensions:40mm
Speaker impedance:32ohm
Driver Diameter:40mm
Microphone/volume control:Yes
Cable length:1.5m(4.9Ft)
Jack :3.5mm

Enter for your chance to win!

Ailihen MX-06 Headphone Giveaway

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