Ainope USB Extension Cables for When You Need More Reach

So I was re-working my streaming setup at my house and wanted to put my Logitech Brio webcam and my ring light higher up than where they were placed and just missed the default USB length of the webcam and by a wide margin with the ring light which I didn’t want to waste a port on my USB hub and instead wanted to plug into a USB wall outlet near the ground on the floor.  A quick search and solution was found with the AINOPE USB 3 Extension cable 2-pack which at the time of this article you could get for about $13 and they come in either gray braided cables or red braided cables.

I opted for gray and you will notice the cables are woven together well and the plug heads appear to be high quality, there is a USB Type A Male and USB Type A Female and this cable is just a pass through and cause no noticeable performance issues with my 4k webcam using a 6.6 foot extension cable (they have 10′ extension cables too) compared to not using an extension cable at all.  Since they are USB 3 capable, I would think maybe if you used a USB SSD drive there may be the slightest decrease in performance, but nothing I put on these extension cables showed any performance difference vs not using them.

The cables include a wire tie for easy management of any excess cabling you may not need and overall it is a fantastic deal if you need to extend the plug cord of USB hub or other USB device where you simply want to have things in certain positions but the default USB cord isn’t long enough for that device.  The biggest gain and most length used for me was putting LED ring lights much higher above me with the USB cord going into a USB AC outlet on the ground so I didn’t have to waste a USB hub port on just powering ring light power that didn’t use any actual need to connect to my PC.

Was very satisfied, and have no problems recommending this excellent product from Ainope if you need a USB 3 extension cable.

AINOPE USB 3.0 Extension Cable

Gold-plated connector, aluminum alloy shell, full USB 3 speed and quick charge support.
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