All About the Innos D6000 Smartphone with Dual Batteries!



The next wave of smartphones is here, and the Innos D6000 Smartphone is leading the pack! The Innos D6000 has all the features that you ever wanted in a smartphone, plus it has features that you never realized you wanted. Get ready for a revolutionary smartphone, the Innos D6000 Smartphone.

Never worry again about not being able to see your game or video. The Innos D6000 Smartphone features a large 5.2-inch screen with a Gorilla Glass FHD screen. The Innos D6000 Smartphone restores authentic natural colors, so you’re games and videos look better than ever. You will never want to put this smartphone down. Plus, the Innos D6000 Smartphone features a two front camera with an 88-degree wide angle, a blue glass filter, rear camera, and dual LED flashlights. With these cameras, you will take pictures of everything you see, not to mention selfies.

Another amazing feature of the Innos D6000 Smartphone is the dual battery. The built-in battery has 2480 mAh while the removable battery has 3520 mAh, so that means that you will have longer between charging. The battery has a 30% higher battery capacity that other batteries on the market. With the Innos D6000 Smartphone, you can talk on the phone for 15 hours, surf the internet at 4G for 24 hours, and have three days continuous use of standby time. And the Innos D6000 Smartphone has a quick charge, you can charge for 15 minutes for 7 hours of standby time. Other smartphones just cannot compare with the Innos D6000 Smartphone.

The Innos D6000 Smartphone has dual 4G with dual micro-SIM card dual standby. It also features 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-com Processor. That means your games will run faster and smoother, you videos will play smoother, and your internet surfing will go faster.

The Innos D6000 Smartphone operates on the android system and will work with almost any carrier. If you purchase the Innos D6000 Smartphone from Everbuying, you will not have to pay for any shipping and it will be shipped within 24 hours.

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