aLLreli USB Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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I have had the opportunity to test out and try many different mine in my lifetime. Some of them are great, and some are just ok. The USB Wired Laser Game Mouse from aLLreli is awesome.

Here we have a mouse that not only looks pretty but is even better under the hood. And if the outside is anything like what I found inside, wow!

So truthfully what we have is a well-built solid feeling mouse that looks good and feels good as well in your hand and while you are using it. It is bigger than many mice I have used, but it does not feel too big for a normal adult hand.
One of its more impressive features is the color and design. I think that for the wow factor it is right up there. I have tested all the speeds and honestly for me, the highest setting is almost faster than I can use, but in gaming, every Nano second counts, and this mouse has speed and then some.

I thought that having buttons on the side would make holding the mouse difficult, but aside from one time, I have not accidentally pressed any of the buttons I did not want pressed.

Every function I have used this mouse for has performed as needed and there have been no hang-ups at all. It glides across the screen smoothly and with style. I have even used it a bit to draw with and it did great.
But for a mouse to be truly a gaming mouse, in my opinion, it has got to be “programmable”, or “customizable”. And yes, this one does all that and more. Every aspect of this mouse can be changed to suit the gamers needs for any game they desire to play.
Let’s look under the hood.
When you open the settings for the mouse, you notice that the first option is lighting. On, off, full or breathing. These are the choices. Breathing gives the effect of the mouse getting bright holding it for a moment before going dark. Is it smooth and the color intensity rises and lowers.

light settings
You can alter the X and Y sensitivity if needed, either separately or in unison, and alter the dpi settings for each of the 6 different mouse colors. The lowest setting is 200 while the highest is 8200. By default, they are set to 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4000, and 8000. If you want to have a particular color be higher or lower, you can change it.

System Setting
In this window, you can alter the double click speed, the pointer speed, the tilt wheel scroll speed, and the mouse wheel scroll speed. Some may ask, “Doesn’t the OS give that option already”? Well yes and no. it give some control, this gives more.

system settings
Advanced Options
Polling rate can be changed and while I do say on the video that I do not know what that is, it is the rate of speed that the mouse and the computer relays information. It is set to 500HZ, you can make it faster or slower. I did not figure out what On-to-go speed was sorry. I for one do not think I will be changing that but, you might and if you have used this feature, let us know how and why?

advanced setting
Button Setting
This is perhaps the most versatile setting changes there is. Every button can be changed and altered for many, many different uses, and needs. There are more options than we have room to print, and I will leave it up to you to explore. I know you will enjoy.

button setting
This mouse has a little something for everyone. Speed, pin point accuracy, customizations beyond belief, and some very beautiful crisp and vibrant colors. While I know that I cannot truly realize the full potential of this mouse, I can say that 4 of my 6 children and one of their spouses said they wanted one. One begged me to give it to him, he is 17 and yes, a gamer, and even my wife who plays no games on her computer said she thought it was very pretty. That was all before I even plugged it in.

I think you will agree with them that this truly is and exceptional mouse and one your gaming needs will not be complete without.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.