Ancheer Ergonomic Chair Review

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If your like me you are always sitting in front or your PC or desk working and your wanting a comfy chair that you can sit in for hours on end. Well today I take a look at the Ancheer Ergonomic PC chair. This chair has many adjustments and is solid to say the least. It also weighs in at around 60 pounds! Just remember to have a friend or family member help you inside with it. It’s not the weight but also the size that make it awkward to carry in. Or ask the UPS man to help wheel it in for you as you don’t want to try carrying this baby alone and throwing out your back.


As you can see the package is rather large.

Watch My Unboxing and How to Put Together  Here!

Now you can see I struggled a little putting it together with handling it since it was heavier then most other chairs. I do suggest having someone help you put it together. One thing you did not see in the video was me using a rubber mallet to get the back rest to connect to the bottom. It slides on fine but one hole would not line up just right. You may not have that issue if you have someone help you out. I had no one around so I used a mallet. Now remember to use rubber mallet not a metal hammer as it will leave dings and dents you wont want to see on that nice new shiny back piece.

Now let talk about what all comes in the package and what every thing does. First you get the base which is nice and solid aluminum. The base is definitely a plus compared to some of those plastic bases.


You get 4 wheels that connect to the base. Now the wheels are what seem to be plastic style.  I hope that the plastic wheels hold up as long as the rest of the chair. You also get the gas shock and the bolts and tool to put the chair together. You can see it all in the nest picture.


From there we will head to the bottom or the seat of the chair. This piece is  solid metal bracket with a mesh setting. The mesh is connected to the front of the seat with a nice cushioned pad.



As you can see there is plenty of metal that will ease your thoughts of thinking this chair will fall apart right away. Everything seems to be well thought out and put together well.

On the back rest you will see the solid aluminum piece that connects to the bottom.  You will see in the next pictures how nice and thick the piece is.



On the back rest you have the the flexible rubber lumbar support pieces that cushion the back of the seat.


You have the same mesh as the seat of the chair on the back of the chair. You also have to slide adjustments that raise the back of the chair up or down. You can see both in the next pictures.



As you can see in the last picture you can see to aluminum numbs sticking out of that plastic piece. I will add a close up now for you to see it better.


If you push that in you can adjust the height of the back of the set.

Now you also get  head rest.



The head rest it self adjusts in two ways. One is height. The other is angle. Both add to a nice touch to make it fit to the person using it.

Now that you got the run down on a few adjustments and the pieces let talk more about other adjustments on the Ancheer Chair.

Let start with the arm rest. The arm rest adjust in 3 ways height forward and back words. Then you also get angle adjustments.



Now I added the pictures of the angle because that one is new to me. I’m sure most of you have seen arm rest go higher or slide back and forth but the angle is nice for people who like to sit in different angles.

Now the seat has a few adjustments of itself. You have height, tilting, and slide the seat itself back and forth. Now the tilting adjustment means just that you can lean back in the chair but on the side of the chair is three tabs locks. Which make the adjustments function and you can set the seat so it won’t  lean back past a certain position. Or just plan lock it so it won’t lean back at all. You also get the option like stated before to slide the seat back or forward to fit you personally. This to works of  one of the buttons. Same with raising the chair up and down. I will post a picture of the buttons for you.


As you can see each one is labeled so you know what one does what. The buttons work off a cable. So you move the button it either pulls the cable which moves the action.


As you see in the above picture is the cables that work the actions of the buttons or levers. There is one more adjustment that I have not mentioned yet.  This adjustment works with the tilting button. It called the lean back tilting power adjustment.


From what I can tell is that it helps move the tilting slower or faster. All these adjustment are great. With the amount of adjustments every one should be able to find a comfy position.

Now I placed my other chair up against this one. You can see the size deference and styling difference.

ergo chair

Both look very nice in their ways.

Final Thoughts!

You probably want to know what I really think of the Ancheer Ergonomical  Chair after sitting in it, not just the construction and it’s features. Well the chair is rather comfy and felt great to sit in. Now my wife did not like the part that it leaves mesh looking marks on her legs when she sitting in it with a dress on. To me this was not a issue, but if you have bare skin you may get mesh marks for a short period of time on your skin that touches the mesh which happens with most mesh chairs.  She is  like me and thinks it very comfy however, I think it was better then my leather chair in comfort. Now I can’t speak on how well the mesh will hold up on this chair but I would like to think it would hold up as good as my other chair. With the many adjustments I was able to find that one position that make me want to sit in the chair for hours upon hours. The one thing that may throw some people of is the price tag. You will need to dig in your pockets and give up $600 for this chair. Some may think it not worth it to do. Heck I have had that same thought in my head for years. Until I tried this chair out, I will say in some cases you pay for what you get. That is true in this case. Your paying for quality and straight comfort. Do I think every one needs this for your house. No I simply don’t, it is too expensive for most budgets but if you spend many many hours a day sitting on your butt in front of your computer, making sure you have a strong ergonomic and comfortable chair is important.

Now Ancheer does offer a mid back chair that is cheaper but is still economical. They run about $130 I believe. Click here to see that chair!    Now I can’t tell you if there as good as the chair I reviewed but I can tell you that option is also out there.

When all is said and done I loved this chair, in fact I gave my leather chair away and kept this one instead.  I have bought the same chair and style for a few years. This does not mean I have not had others in the house. My wife and kids all have had others. I know have a new favorite for now. I definitely think this one was worth the price tag they have one it.  Now if you search for this style and build quality of mesh chairs you will find ones that range from $500 – $1100 on Amazon, being the fact you can find mesh chairs that cost much higher, I cannot tell you if this one fares against those.  So while this is a 5 star chair in my opinion for the build quality, number of features/adjustments I still rate if 5 stars because it appeared to be reasonably priced compared to other similar build quality chairs that have the same weight and dimensions and stated features.



They have a 5 year  warranty and lifelong accessory warranty.




Disclaimer: Ancheer sent me there Ergonomical chair to test and review. All opinions’ are mine and mine alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.