PULUZ 14 in 1 GoPro Surfing Accessories Combo Kit with EVA Case Review

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Now as it turns out I didn’t have a GoPro Camera but instead MeCam had sent me their MeCam X Action Camera that was fully compliant with GoPro Accessories.  So when PULUZ contacted me about reviewing their GoPro Accessory kit I let them know I had a MeCam X and not a GoPro and would do the review with this Action Cam which should serve the same purpose.  This kit very much appealed to me and my wife because we live within walking distance of the beach and while I don’t surf there are jetties and we love exploring the rocks and ocean at low tide.  I like taking my camera into the waves with me and looking at the starfish, anemone’s and other sea life.  One time we found a live Slipper lobster bigger than my hand that we had chased up on the beach and played with for a while, until a seagull came down and snagged it right off the sand and made it into a meal right in front of us that is.PULUZ (2)

I didn’t have an action camera or a waterproof camera with me then and I wish I had, this is now rectified but the weather is a bit too cold for beach video yet, so the video was taken all locally at the house while testing the MeCam X and this PULUZ Surfing Accessory kit. PULUZ (3)


Now the kit comes with an excellent case to store the attachments and accessories as well as has plenty of room for additional attachments.  It comes with foam cutouts to place your accessories in specific areas but I found it too slow to remove/add items so removed the foam cutout and just let all my accessories float loose in there.

PULUZ (1)The accessory most valuable to me right off the bat was the yellow holder which is waterproof and offers some buoyancy but must be paired with the floater to prevent your cam from sinking underwater permanent if you drop it in a lake or ocean.



I did find that the screw part was a little short, and I had to pinch the plastic a bit hard to get it to screw the end on, had they been just a few millimeters longer it would have been a little better but it worked and no major complaints there.  Now you have to use your Action Camera’s waterproof shell case with any water accessories, obviously this accessory kit doesn’t come with a way to water proof your GoPro or MeCam X and works with what you have.  The Floaty sponge they claim is great for snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding and any other deep water activity but I have not yet tested this, the foam is really small and I am curious if it has enough buoyancy to truly keep the camera afloat in rough ocean waters so this is something that will be tested more later.  I did test with it being thrown in a deep bucket and it did float to the surface with the camera dangling below but not sinking.

Now I didn’t have a helmet or board, but the circular disc and adhesives are to affix your camera to helmets, boards…etc and this photo kind of shows what it can do.  I found the adhesive when just sticking it to a wall to be fairly stable, though degrades very quickly when wet, so these components are more for dry land activities than for putting a sticker on a surf board hoping to capture waves crashing over your board.


Overall I thought the kit was a good accessory pack, if anything I wish the hand grip wasn’t as wide because it was too large for my kids hands to fully wrap around and hold it easily, it was fine for my hands but even my wife’s small hands couldn’t fold around the yellow hand grip as well.  Plus there is no instructions or documentation with the kit at all, they could have included more information about how to use each of the accessories in the kit, you had to rely on the Amazon product pictures or figure it out on your own to best align, hold, leverage the various accessories and this may have been second nature to those very familiar with the GoPro and accessories, but if you were a new user of Action Cameras this may have been frustrating to figure out what all these parts are for and how to use them.




We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.