Aootek Foldable LED Desk Lamp Clock and Giveaway

So here is a quick review of the Aootek Foldable LED Desk Clamp Clock and Calendar which was a nice little product to review that fits in with my white desk, white cabinet and theme of all my products being white.   We are also giving away one Aootek Foldable LED Desk Lamp Clock at the end of the article so make sure you enter for a chance to win one!

Here is the video review if you want to watch the review instead of reading one!

With the Aootek Foldable LED Desk Lamp what you get is a bright LED lamp that is fairly small, the light panel is about as long as an iPhone 6, but it is 3 paneled with the bottom being the base.  The light itself provides good desk coverage for keyboards, reading and more, though it doesn’t have a horizontal tilt function, so you can only tilt it up and down, but not rotate it left and right which could have been handy.

The clear LED Clock interface is cool to look at as it is completely transparent and you can see the Time, Date and Temperature at all times.  The 1000mAH lithium battery means it can run 3-10 hours and it charges and stays charged via USB so you can simply just keep it plugged into your USB port or USB charger and never worrying about it dying.  It was designed to be a portable LED desk lamp that you take with you and can use at hotel rooms, conference rooms or simply be your desk lamp.

During the day I had no issue at all with the lamp and LED interface, but by night I realized that the clear panel where the LED clock, temperature and calendar date were displayed became hard to read.  This is due to there being no back light, and if the room is dark you can’t see the dark letters on the display.  Because the LED itself shines down, it doesn’t really help you see the letters either, it would have been nice to have some ambient back lighting behind the letters or have them be lit so you can read the clock in the dark even when you don’t want the LED light on.

Other than that it is a fine little portable LED desk lamp and showing the temp, clock and calendar are a nice touch.

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