Archeer A210 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

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My kids and I were doing some running to the Zombies, Run app on iOS and I wanted for all 3 of us to listen to the story while we were running.  The Archeer Portable Bluetooth speaker was a great option to run with a speaker you can hold in your hand and listen to something with everyone around you while you keep pace.


First the unboxing.

Archeer (8)The speaker comes with an AUX cable, USB charging cable and an S-Binder to clamp it to a backpack or belt clip, in addition to the speaker itself of course.  The speaker itself is rubber coated and has sides that allow you to set it down, it doesn’t slip and it fits in the hand well, though could have been a tad thinner.  Again, I think hand wait speakers would be a think for joggers/runners and this is close to giving you that purpose but without the weight.



Archeer (7)

The Archeer Bluetooth speaker is water resistant though not submersible, it has a cover that protects it’s ports which include where you can plug in an SD Card which is a nice touch if you want to just use the speaker as an offline “music box” like an old fashioned boom box if you will that you can just take to the beach or park and let it play through all songs on an SD Card.  It has the USB charging port, as well as the 3.5mm AUX jack for plugging in older style MP3 players or if you don’t want to connect a device via Bluetooth.

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The volume control and multi function button on the side is fairly cool in that you rotate it to raise/lower volume or press to pause.  While I found it very easy to use, it is a little slow to adjust volume each “click” being a very tiny increment of volume increase or decrease, spinning the volume increase or decrease quickly didn’t dramatically increase the speed of which volume increases or decreases as you have to turn it quite a lot to get the volume all the way up or down, but it worked fairly well.  It is also very easy to hold it in your hand and press the pause button with your thumb as you are jogging too.

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The rubberized texture of the entire speaker makes the Archeer Waterproof Speaker ideal for holding in your hand because it won’t slip at all, it also is coated to be weather resistant and is a great outdoor speaker to take camping, in a boat (provided it don’t fall over the edge), or even the beach.  The buttons on the top of the speaker include the Bluetooth pairing button, and the Power button/Memory button.  The track forward/back buttons as well.Archeer (2)

The Archeer Portable Bluetooth Speaker even comes with a clip that allows you to clip it onto your backpack, or a bike, or even a belt buckle so it goes with you wherever you go, and I found this to be an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker for taking with me on jogs and runs where I wanted others to hear the music or sounds as we jogged instead of being lost in my own headphones.

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Sound quality is very decent, I have heard better sounding Bluetooth speakers but overall this one gives more durability, weatherproofing and is designed to be more rugged in camping or outdoor scenario’s that most other Bluetooth speakers I have reviewed.  The fact that I was looking for a Bluetooth speaker I could jog with and listen to Zombies, Run with the boys as we jogged together made this the perfect speaker to accomplish this because it specifically allowed me to hold it in one hand the whole time.  This speaker also comes in 4 colors, Gray, Blue, Green and Orange.  Obviously I received the Blue one for the review.


Disclaimer: Archeer provided us with the Waterproof Speaker Archeer A210 so we could do a showcase and share thoughts on the product.  All opinions are 100% authors and authors alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.