Are Forged Metal Dice Any Good for Dungeons and Dragons?

So just so you know I have 3 players in my household that now have metal dice from Forged and I can honestly tell you that they have pros and cons when gaming with forged dice from a dungeon master perspective and a player perspective.

First, Forged makes very high quality metal dice, you can see the image below from the Amazon store.  The thing is some of their dice depending on the color choice can be a bit hard to read, especially if you play D&D in a low light room where you use mood lighting to keep it like near torch or candlelight for atmosphere.  You will want to make sure you choose very contrasting colors between the dice and the numbers on the dice so they stand out better.

The green set which my son has is very readable and looks great, ironically the dice are slightly smaller than plastic counterparts and the numbers are slightly smaller too.  The dice for some reason tend to roll high numbers more frequently than standard dice sets from my experience as a DM, not sure if the weight, roll or what, but I can swear it must be more than coincidence that my 3 players all consistently tend to roll higher averages with the metal dice D20 than with standard plastic dice.

Now the gotcha, these dice being heavy and metal will brutalize objects you roll them on.  I had a wooden table that is scarred with dice marks and dents from the heavy roll of these dice and my players thought to use their handbooks and have dented covers and backs with dings from these metal dice over their hardcover books.  You will really want a felt rolling tray and a large one if you are using these forged metal dice because they will dent soft wood.  The soft foldable felt trays don’t work well either because they are too thin and the dice doesn’t roll as well since they are metal and heavier, so they tend to roll less unless on a harder and larger surface.

Example of a set very hard to read in dim lightning during a gaming session and better for sessions with full daylight.

Oh, and the D4 is literally a caltrop, do not lose track of this dice and let it fall on the floor without immediate recovery or you will experience first hand what a caltrop to the heel feels like.

Other than that, I love the Forged metal dice and highly recommend them!


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