Armored Core V Mech Combat at its Best

In a world infested by first person shooters and RPGs that try to imitate the more famous titles, a MMO simulator such as Armored Core V is an excellent addition. Those who love large scale confrontations between massive mechs, will love this one and once they join the online community, there will be no turning back. The single player will keep them hooked for many days, but the lasting appeal of this game is vastly enhanced by its superb multiplayer. While it is far from perfect and it still depends heavily on an active community, Armored Core V promises to stay around for quite a while.

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Practice makes perfect

If you are not familiar with the game mechanics from previous titles, you will find the learning curve rather steep, but don’t even think about giving up. It only gets better in time and if you learn the basics and expand your training online, you will hone your skills in the best way possible. Multiplayer missions encourage players to develop tactics and outsmart opponents, instead of placing the emphasis on reflexes.

Teamwork is very important and even taking advantage of terrain and debris matters, so the gaming experience gets better as you progress. The feeling of operating the mech is incredible and the developers did a great job in finding the ideal balance between speed, maneuverability and firepower. You need to choose your unit carefully and play on its strengths, because there is no such thing as an overpowered mech. Finding strength in numbers and flanking enemies instead of rushing blindly towards them is the key to succeed.

Image credit: Gamespress

One step at a time

Well before they get the chance to face other players online and climb the rankings, players get immersed in the Armored Core V atmosphere thanks to the singleplayer. The campaign itself is fast paced and there is just enough diversity to prevent players from losing interest, but the sheer difficulty of the game is a huge downside. Newcomers are the most vulnerable to the threat of quitting, while fans will struggle to offset the lack of an adequate tutorial.

Controls are intuitive but given the intense pace of combat, there is simply no room for mistakes and little time to hone your skills. Owning such a powerful mech encourages players to modify it and fortunately Armored Core V favors customization. From symbols and colors to weapons and other mech parts, pretty much anything can be changed to meet the player’s expectations and to make the machine unique.

I am not a huge fan of the genre, but I found Armored Core V enjoyable and despite the lack of a tutorial, I never thought about giving up. Four stars out of five are enough to show my appreciation for the developers’ effort, but I encourage you to see for yourself and to start with this trailer:


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