AudioQuest Nighthawk: the Best Headphones For Larger Heads?

Having a good quality pair of headphones has always been important to me especially considering how much I listen to music. However, I don’t have a very large head so find a pair that is comfortable isn’t always an issue for me. There are some out there who do have a larger head than I and I’m sure trying to find a pair of headphones that are comfortable and not too tight can be an issue.

AudioHawk has provided a pair of headphones that they claim are very comfortable for those with larger heads and will not squeeze too tightly around the ears. Providing Liquid Wood earcups for a lot of comfort on the ears. These headphones also provide the wearer with a lot more clarity of sound with low distortion and a very natural sound and even when used on mobile devices does the sound come out very clear.

This product has the look of a great pair of headphones and also comes with a very high-performance AudioQuest cable with very discrete mic and smartphone controls. So you shouldn’t have a hard time wearing these and they should fit for all sizes and provide you with some outstanding sound quality and comfort you are looking for.

  • Open ear headphones
  • AudioQuest cable for high-performance sound
  • Low distortion
  • Works well on mobile devices

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