Auralux an Interesting Ambient Sound Game

clip_image002For some reason, I am not a mainstream music fan. I grew up listening to tunes on my Amiga and C-64, and most had no words. the genre is Ambient or Atmospheric, and that is how I ran across this game.

Personally, I don’t believe I have seen any other game quite like this one. Aside from the wonderful ambient sounds, and simple looks, this game is anything but simple. It comes with several different boards, and for a small fee, you can buy other sets. I haven’t made it through the free ones yet.


You start with a board similar to the one above, and your object is to capture as many suns as you can, without being wiped out. usually you are always the blue sun. you can choose one of several options. build the sun your on to the next level, start a new sun, or attack an opponent.

Not all suns can be upgraded. you can see in the screenshot above that the sun I am currently occupying has a band around it. this means it can be enlarged or upgraded one time. the dark ones below have no bands around them, which means they can only be upgraded the one time.

Now, the reason this game showed up when I searched for ambient, is because of what happens when you upgrade a sun, or when two opposing forces fight for control of a sun. As the little energy dots collide with each other, or pour into a sun to charge it, music is produced. It is very random sounding, and won’t place on any top 10 chart, but it is something to behold. Or hear that is.

If you want a challenging game that will always be a bit different each time you play, you wont go wrong with Auralux. I urge you to check it out right away. I will tell you that it is not on the Amazon app store, but it is on Google Play. You can also surf the web using Google and downloaded it from other places as well. Please let me know what you think.

You can get Auralux from Google Play Here:

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