3 Chrome Extensions That Enhance Photos & Content

There’s nothing content marketers love more than a good tool or utility to help increase efficiency. Perhaps that is why there are so many out there, too many to be honest – the chrome extension market is fairly bloated. Fortunately, the community review/rating system is helpful in determining whether an extension will be promising or not before trying it out. We’re going to review three Chrome extensions that are designed to enhance photos, essentially improving … Read more

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3 Chrome Extensions to Make Your Browser Go Super-Saiyan

I’ve covered many chrome extensions over the past months here at Dragon Blogger. Normally, I pick a specific theme such as “extensions for bloggers” or “extensions to increase productivity.” This month I wanted to highlight three powerful extensions that collectively level up our browsers. After reading the 40 expert social media strategies article that circulated throughout the blogo-sphere recently, I figured this theme and headline would be a bit more creative and could be a … Read more

3 More Chrome Extensions to Fuel Bloggers

When it comes to Chrome extensions, there’s such a wide variety of choice out there that it can seem overwhelming which to install. Rest assured, I’ve done the dirty work of trying many of them. Because bloggers have such as prominent presence and exponential growth in digital population, I figured it would be useful to offer 3 more extension options to power bloggers. You can check out my other chrome extension review for bloggers as … Read more

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3 Chrome Extensions to Enhance Browsing

Hey there, in case you missed my last chrome extension review, you can check it out here: 3 Awesome Official Chrome Extensions by Google Today we’ll be diving into 3 extensions that will enhance your browsing experience on all fronts. From readability to increased functionality, these extensions were made to improve our daily web engagements. Let’s get started. Hacker Vision Despite its title, this Chrome extension isn’t going to take over your laptop. In fact, … Read more

A Battle of Epic Proportions DotA2 vs LOL

If you’re foreign to the cult classic DotA (Defense of the Ancients), a WarCraft minigame, you might still know about the popular MOBA, League of Legends. A MOBA is a multiplayer online battle arena – a more niche term crafted to categorize action real-time strategy games (ARTS) like StarCraft/WarCraft, and especially to help differentiate DotA as it evolved and competitors emerged. DotA developed by transitioning through the hands of various modders, ultimately granting popularity to … Read more

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3 Awesome Official Chrome Extensions by Google

One of the best features of modern browsers is that they support add-ons, or what’s referred to in the world of Google Chrome as an extension. They are basically power-ups for your browser, kind of like equipping items to make a character stronger or wiser. I’ve gone through heaps of extensions over the past couple months, highlighting three that stand out the most for productivity, twitter, and bloggers. This time, we’ll be looking at three … Read more

3 Chrome Extensions for Practicality and Fun

Google’s Chrome Web Browser has now become the most used web browser in the world, by quite a large factor. To that end it’s not surprising that there are so many extensions available for the browser. These extensions appeal to every facet of internet usage, from protecting passwords to managing twitter. The Chrome Web Store is just full of extensions however, knowing which ones to try and which to steer clear of is very tricky. … Read more

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3 Chrome Extensions to Empower Bloggers

According to blogging.org in 2012 there were 42 million blogs clocking-in on WordPress, publishing half a million posts a day. Apparently, only 8% of bloggers are able to earn enough money to support a family. Blogging is hard.     The job calls for better content, better promotion, and emerging features. Luckily, web developers are meeting this demand with a wide variety of tools, including extensions. The following three extensions help to power bloggers by making … Read more

3 Chrome Extensions for Managing Twitter

Last week I wrote about chrome extensions for increasing productivity. They help boost browser speed, organizational collaboration, and time management. For this post I wanted to turn attention to extensions for Twitter. After testing out about a dozen different extensions, the following three felt the most useful and don’t get in the way of workflow. Silver Bird This extension fits snuggly in your browser bar (highlighted in red below) and may eliminate any need to … Read more