AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 3 GC551G2: One of the Best Capture Cards

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Looking for a 4K capture card that’s easy to use and set up?

If you are one of those who tend to play often, then you will likely share content on social networks. Most people prefer to share their gameplay on platforms like YouTube or Twitch (there are other alternatives too). You should also know that recording your PC or video game console is a bit demanding, especially in modern games. I’d say most people don’t usually have a problem recording content from their own PC, but what happens when you need to record a PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch? There is often a problem, since, although a PS5 is capable of live streaming or recording, the truth is that it is not the same as having control from your PC.

Capture cards are of great help when you need to capture video from a PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. The work of a capture card is simple but important, it will be responsible for obtaining a clear and sharp image so that it is transmitted immediately to your PC, in this way, you can maintain control when recording or making live transmissions. Something you should keep in mind is that not all capture cards work in the same way, often people tend performance problems.

The AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 3 is one of the best 4K capture cards, it’s easy to use and designed so you can start getting recordings without needing to install drivers or make tedious configurations. It offers many advantages compared to other brands, so, if you are looking to record your favorite console in the best way, then this is what you need to try.

Requirements to use this capture card

No, you don’t need to have the best components to use this capture card, but you probably still want to know the requirements suggested by AverMedia. This capture card is shareable with Windows 10/11 and Mac 11/1 3 operating systems. You need a sixth generation i5 processor and a GTX 1060 or later graphics card. As you might have guessed, these are basic requirements, so, if you have better components, then you don’t need to worry about performance.

Features of AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 3 GC551G2 capture card

One of the reasons why this capture card is one of the most popular is that it is designed so that you can use it almost immediately, without strange configurations or drivers. The AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 3 supports high resolutions such as 4K/30 but also supports high refresh rates such as 1080p/240 or 1440p/120. Worried about latency? That’s not a problem for this capture card, the Live Gamer Extreme 3 can stream in real-time thanks to ultra-low latency of just 35ms (in video recording). This capture card is compatible with HDMI 2.0 ports and can record in 4K. Note that you will need a USB 3.0 port (it does not support USB 2.0). The Live Gamer Extreme 3 also supports VRR and HDR, both of which are a great help to obtain a clearer and more detailed image. This is a great option to work more orderly, you can also add audio devices without any problem, this capture card has multiple ports available.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.